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  1. That's what I like most about Bernie. Seems to care more about people in general then following some political agenda.
  2. How could you tell what the tattoo was? Or is this just an assumption? lol
  3. I was browsing me instagram when I noticed these two getting tats together https://www.instagram.com/p/BDwHdiUQjbL/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BDwQFzNI3Hr/ I wish they'd stop hanging out.
  4. It's 1 point ppr all around, so it isn't really a te premium. I'm pretty happy with it. He seems to think Fleener is trash so he seemed very happy with the deal.
  5. Traded 2017 second, likely mid to late, and 2017 third(late), and 2017 5th and got Coby Fleener.
  6. Ya I definitely think Heckenberg can do it at an NFL level. When O'Brien left, that program took a little bit of a nose dive scheme and talent wise. Look what he did under proper coaching with OB. If he can get that same thing at the NFL level he can be a steal in the later rounds of the actual NFL draft and could drop to a desirable spot in 2 QB leagues.
  7. Note to self... Don't say anything negative about Elliot in this thread. Got it. I didn't argue anything, in any of my posts that said Elliot was going to be a bad player because he weighed 215 pounds. I only commented on the fact that Josh Norris said Elliot was 225lbs, and I thought he looked more in the 215 range. That is all.
  8. Ya, it was just an observation. If he was 225 he likely wouldn't get muscled around in pass pro like he does at times.
  9. I'm not saying its a bad thing? Just don't think he weighs that much. Lots of good prospects come out at 215 or less and have great careers.
  10. I just love everything you do on here. Your an inspiration to me I think cam's accuracy sometimes can be an issue but he can finally see the whole field better. Ron has also let a lot of leash out and Cam is thriving because of it. I don't really mind his antics otherwise. At least he's not beating people up or anything.
  11. Is Elliot 225 pounds? I feel like that's pretty generous. Seems around the 215 range to me.
  12. His arm looked a little weak on some throws in that game. Otherwise the rest of his game looked really good to me. I've only really seen him in the championship game though.
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