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  1. Happy Easter @Psychopav. God bless.
  2. BTW - congrats on the rallies today. We Righties had some fun with it but there's no doubt it was very impressive.
  3. Makes sense. Apparently he had a heart twice the size of a normal horse.
  4. Who tf is LHUCKS? I keep hearing about this guy over and over. Is it FC?
  5. Well good. I don't need to know any more. I miss that cat avatar though. Might have been the most fitting avatar in the FFA. It was hard to get mad at the dude when I looked at that.
  6. What happened to Tanner? I really miss that guy. He wasn't too fond of me, and we butted heads a lot, but I always liked the guy. Would love to see him come back.
  7. Thanks Kev! It'll be nice to get to know some of you outside the political bs.
  8. Yes. Seems like the type of conversations that would take place at a bar in normal life.
  9. What's up guys? And Krista. is a Conservative welcome in here? I promise I won't talk politics. This thread has always intrigued me.
  10. Same here. Still believe in Jesus, just not religion. His message of forgiveness and peace have always resonated with me. Happy Easter Psychopav.
  11. Personal issues aside, is he any good as an NFL quarterback? It's not like he didn't have any opportunities this year.
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