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  1. i can do Wednesday, or whatever it ends up being.
  2. I'd be up for doing some version of the league this year. I'd go with majority on contracts, and probably want to keep the money low due to volatility of a 60 game season that might now finish even.
  3. Posting for FDAS (he's driving) 14.21 - Ron Darling SP - 88,86,85 @Greco next
  4. Are you Fat, Drunk, Stupid, or all 3 right now? Like I would even want Dave Magadan.
  5. Whatever works best for everyone. I'm Jonesing for a little action but there are more important things.
  6. Let's go ahead and do this. These keepers aren't changing unless there's an injury, so why not? Rendon $26 3B Ozuna $19 OF Realmuto $17 C Merrifield $12 2B/OF Lamahieu $3 1B/2B/3B Calhoun $3 OF Clevinger $11 P Corbin $7 P Giles $6 P Giolito $2 P Gallen $1 P 11 @ $107. Anyone interested in trades, I'll listen.
  7. 3/19 works for me too. I can probably make any dates work.
  8. Don't start with me. We've got a long season ahead of us.
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