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  1. I've always been right there with you as a Carr backer. There are at least 20 teams that would kill to have DC as their QB. Most fans have never stepped on a football field in their lives and have no clue how the game is played. The QB is just one integral part of the team. As a former center I know from experience, as the Oline goes, so does the offense. If you have no Oline, or injuries on the Oline, the offense will sputter. The whole world saw it last year in the Super Bowl. Brady didn't win that game, the Buc's defense did, all because the Chief's Oline was in shambles. Even Mahomes needs protection up front, nobody is THAT good. Teams that are physical and win the LOS on both sides of the ball are the good teams in the NFL. That's what funny (well not "funny") about the Raiders in '21. For years we're known for a decent Oline, and the Dline had always been awful (except for Mack). This year Mayock and Gruden flipped it. They made the Dline the strongest unit and the Oline a "work in progress ". And hows that working out? Pretty good... Why? Because of Derek Carr. And while we're calling our shots, if you can go back, I actually nailed the Ruggs pick. Just seemed like such a Raider player, Lamb was the better all around WR and true #1 and probably should have been the pick. But Gruden already had his #1 WR in Waller.
  2. Your last paragraph is what I'm curious about as well. Pretty sure Mayock is sticking around. I can't wait to see how different the draft will look without Gruden around.
  3. As the Oline goes, so will the offense. If they continue to develop and get better each week, the offense should keep humming. I didn't hear Von Miller's name much yesterday. That's a good sign a couple weeks after the Bears and Chargers got after them. I didn't like the onside kick turnover. Could be a consequence of moving their position coach to head coach, and not practicing it in awhile. Which is probably why in the grand scheme of things Bradley wasn't promoted, just focus on that defense Gus! Let's keep the momentum going!
  4. I'm proud of this team today. They came together through adversity. Proves they have a strong locker room, which might be more important than anything going forward.
  5. Like someone mentioned before, I feel like the NFL is undermining Davis, trying to frustrate him. Hoping he'll eventually just take the money and walk away someday. Just the feeling I get.
  6. Just my humble opinion, the NFL would love nothing more than to see Davis sell the team and try to find a minority group to buy in. That way they will seem more inclusive to the media and other outsiders. More along the lines as to how the NBA ownership has shifted. It's all a big ploy, it may not happen tomorrow, but I see it happening in the not so distant future.
  7. Somebody obviously wanted Gruden out of the NFL. Probably Goodell. Or was it you who leaked those emails? 🤔🤣
  8. I think a better term would be "unconscious bias". Its something I had to learn about for my HR training in my line of work. We all have unconscious bias, no matter skin color, race, culture etc.... The key is recognizing it (self-awarenes), and addressing it in a positive manner.
  9. I agree, we would be naive to believe Gruden is the only one in the NFL who feels like that. He's got lots of friends, Andy Reid, Sean McVay, Mike Tomlin just to name a few. Many of these guys are scrubbing emails right about now and distancing themselves as far from Gruden as possible. It all could be just as simple as Gruden was the scapegoat because he was dumb enough and blatant enough to get caught.
  10. Gruden got what he deserved. But the conspiracy theorist in me can't help but wonder who spearheaded the witchhunt. Who had it out for Gruden and why are they protecting everyone else involved? And why now? Why not back in July? Things just aren't adding up for me. The $10 mil the WFT was fined seems like peanuts versus the $60 mil Gruden just lost.
  11. By no means do I defend anything Gruden said, but if he's the only person to take the fall for anything out of those 650,000 emails, then something is definitely up. More heads should roll very soon...
  12. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I imagine more names will be coming out in the future. Unless Tommy Boy himself leaked the emails so he could fire Gruden and get out from under that dumb contract.
  13. I hear ya, it will be interesting to see what happens with Carr and Olson. If they can keep the offense at a top 10 level (Oline problems permitting), maybe go defensive hire, but that means either Bradley gets the job or he's out after one year. I'd like see who's out there from the Belichick tree or if Tomlin has an up and comer defensive minded coach?
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