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  1. Mayock did pretty good finding Maxx Crosby at a small school in the mid rounds. Hopefully he worked the same magic with Koonce. I've read some good things about him.
  2. So basically Moehrig's back caused the Raiders to flip their 1st and 2nd round picks to ensure they get both their guys. It's a bad look to the outsiders looking in, but makes sense now. Crow doesn't taste half bad if you drench in ranch dressing...
  3. Before the draft, I would have agreed with you. And by no means am I defending the Leatherwood pick. But no one else drafted these guys in the 1st round when many teams had the needs. Maybe they just aren't 1st round grades....
  4. I don't know. I like Mayock, I think he's a smart guy and a good college talent evaluator. But theres other aspects of the GM position he lacks experience with. Like manipulating the draft board. He's not very good at moving up and down the draft board, and uses excuses for the reasons why they stay put and reach for their "guys". I think a lot has to do with his relationships with other GMs, which leads to an overall lack of experience in gauging what other teams will do and what players (positions) they target. Yesterday for example, did the Jets know Vera-Tucker was the true #1 OL on
  5. We have no idea of the inner workings of the Raiders front office. Who calls the final shots on these reaches? Davis? Gruden? Mayock? Clearly Cable has a lot of influence as well. Davis loves Gruden, he isn't going anywhere. Unfortunately for Mayock, if Abram, Ruggs and Arnette don't make huge strides this season, he will probably be the scapegoat. Especially if there's another mid-season collapse for a 3rd straight season.
  6. Actually most draft "experts " didn't really rip the pick. Mel Kiper even said it was a decent draft pick that fit a need for the team, even if it was a bit early. I'm also comforted knowing that players they passed on: JOK, Moehrig, Jenkins and Mayfield are all still on the board. Clearly there's some information out there in the NFL community that hasn't been leaked to the media that caused these players to slide out of the 1st round. I can live with the Raiders having Leatherwood ranked higher than Jenkins, Darrisaw and Mayfield, I'm over it. It's just a bad look for a losing organiza
  7. The fact that no other team pounced on either one of these guys after the Raiders passed on them shows they weren't worthy of 1st round picks. That being said... I understand the Raiders need interior OL help but they always reach for their "guys", every year. Doesn't matter who's in charge, from the days of Al drafting DHB to now, it just doesn't make any sense. Now if this were a winning organization, the draft strategy would have merit. Its been 19 years since their last playoff win, their way isn't working.
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