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  1. I think they will play tough in Pittsburgh, might not get the W but remember, they have started fast the past two seasons under Gruden. They play well in Fall, November and December is when they need to start winning. On offense they're going to need to find a way to run the ball and control the clock to help the defense. James, Simpson and Lemuenoir(sp?) need to play better and get the push needed and control the LOS. It will be tough, but if they do that, they can neutralize Watt and keep Big Ben off the field. If not, it could just as easily be Najee Harris' breakout game.
  2. What are your thoughts about staying off the strip on Fremont? I haven't been to Vegas in awhile. Wouldn't it be just quick uber ride to Allegiant?
  3. I thought I saw Mariota get up slowly holding his hand after that run. The poor guy can't catch a break. Losing Good hurts, hopefully Richie can get back out there. As much as it sucked seeing McCoy get hurt, I think the Dline will be ok. Jefferson was a beast, hopefully he can keep that up all season.
  4. Great win last night, let's take a few days to enjoy it because next week they head to Pittsburgh, totally different ballgame. A few thoughts: The injuries to Good, Jacobs and Yannick are concerning. Dline: Sadly, I didn't miss Ferrell. Solomon Thomas was invisible, and Jefferson was all over the place. Maxx will probably end up being Mayock's best draft pick, and the addition of Yannick on the other side finally FINALLY gives them a pass rush! Oline: Calais Campbell was a very tough 1st assignment for James. He got beat a few times but if he can survive that, he'll be fine at center. Leatherwood allowed a sack and had the penalty at the end of the game, it was a rollercoaster of a debut, but the kid will be ok. Kolton Miller! No one is talking about him, but his name was not called all night, exactly what you want to see from your LT. I'm worried about the depth at guard, hopefully Good will be ok. Jacobs obviously is bothered by a toe injury which is bad news for a RB, wouldn't be surprised if he ends up missing time at some point. Drake can pick up the slack so that $11 mil might be worth it. The WRs not named Renfrow finally got involved with:30 left in the game. I'm not smart enough to figure out why it took them so long to get involved. I think it had to do with Carr force-feeding Waller for the 1st 3 quarters and the Raven's very good secondary. Abram looks like a different player, thank you Gus! The LBs were a mixed bag. I thought Perryman played well, KJ had one big play but he looked slow and out of shape out there. But I will say if they went into the season without those 2 additions, they'd probably be in trouble at LB. Their kicking/punting game is money! Overall great win, but they always start hot under Gruden. The true test of the Raiders will come when they need to win games like that in November and December. Let's bring that intensity to Pittsburgh next week! Go Raiders!!
  5. You might be right about the score. But I see the Raiders coming out with a lot of intensity playing in front of Vegas fans for the 1st time in the regular season, that will bump up the scoring IMO. I will be watching the physicality in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Baltimore as you know, is notoriously a physical ball club. I want to see how the Raiders match that. If James/Incognito/Good can't get a good push against the Ravens Dline it will be a long night Jacobs and it could force Carr to put the ball in the air more than Gruden wants to. Conversely, the Raiders Dline is completely revamped. Can they contain Jackson and whoever's running the ball? It's a huge test for Gus Bradley's defense, one I'm anxious to watch.
  6. The Raiders D is a complete unknown. New DC, new system and something like 7 or 8 new starters. Not a lot of Raiders starters on offense played in the preseason so I'd expect the same as last year, a top 10-12 ranking again as long as there are no injuries or COVID issues on the Oline. Jacobs is being severely underestimated and under-valued partly due to Drake coming over, but how Gruden decides to use Drake will surprise a lot of folks. I think we'll see him being more effective in the passing game most weeks as opposed to the running game. Waller will be Waller, but watch out for TE Foster Moreau. Gruden has some sneaky plays designed just for this guy. Ruggs/Edwards, who knows? Like the whole defense, another complete unknown. Hopefully the release of Jon Brown was a good sign the coaches like the progression of these two WRs. What does all this mean for Monday night? I see a decent scoring output by both teams as the Raiders' D will still be working out the bugs. I'd expect Jackson and Andrews to have a decent game. Hopefully the Raiders new secondary can keep Brown/Watkins under wraps, if not, it could get ugly in Vegas. If the Raiders D can contain Jackson, I predict 27-24 win for LV. If Jackson goes bonkers and the Baltimore D is too physical for the new LV Oline (praying this is not the case) it could go the other way pretty easily.
  7. I drafted Ty'son Williams with a late round flyer last night. I actually might start him in a flex spot if the Ravens don't bring in a vet.
  8. Agreed... Only thing I can think of, is that Gus wasn't around when they drafted him. Maybe he feels Muse just isn't a good fit for what he wants to do 🤷‍♂️. Whatever the reason, still a bad look and another head-scratcher by the organization that leads the league in strange roster moves.
  9. Agreed... Avoid Excalibur at all costs! I was actually thinking about staying off the strip. Everything is cheaper on Fremont. And if you like your beer, there's good craft beer nearby and less people. I haven't done a lot of research yet, but my brother in law stayed at the Golden Nugget and was happy with his experience there.
  10. They must be really disappointed with Omameh and Jones-Smith. They saw no potential in either tackle to keep one around. Mayock was talking up Jones-Smith before OTAs too. Hopefully Miller and Leatherwood stay healthy.
  11. IMO anyone playing in the last preseason game is in danger of being cut. I would not be surprised one bit if Brown is cut. Stoner got a lot of press this preseason, but I think Turner has more PR abilities (at least from what I thought I saw). Stoner is great PS material, along with Ragas. If Richard can play this season, he'll make the roster.
  12. I give credit to Gruden for Kolton Miller which makes me feel better about Leatherwood. You can go all the way back to Matt Stinchcomb. Gruden knows how to draft slightly above average linemen in middle of the 1st round. I'm not writing off Ruggs yet. Yes, Lamb probably should have been the pick but that's not Ruggs' fault, he still has a chance to be a great WR.
  13. Hindsight is always 20/20. When you have HOF talent, you do everything you can to keep it around. But it's the 21st century Raiders, the defense was terrible with Mack and still terrible without him. So does it really matter? They were never able to figure out how to build around Mack anyway. This organization finds a way to screw everything up, no matter who's in charge. Al has been gone 10 years and it's like he never left.
  14. Still not a good look IMO. Theres a reason this organization has fallen from one of respect to laughing stocks. It all starts at the top.
  15. He started against a 3rd string rookie developmental player and basically did nothing. He got some pressure on Geno once. The D lineman I thought had a good showing was Philon, he was wreaking havoc everywhere. And to add. Let's not get too excited by Hobbs' sack. It was a corner blitz in a preseason game across from the same previously mentioned rookie tackle. I'm glad to hear all the positive news out of camp about Hobbs, but I probably could have sacked Geno on that play. Amik flashed a few times and made some nice plays. I thought Cotton played very well, nice to see a long time developmental player show out. That's promising for the Oline depth we're all worried about. Meohrig was quiet, but I think that was more due to the Seahawks QBs not looking downfield. Abram was quiet too, but not out of control so that's a good thing. Arnette had tight coverage for a play on the ball but missed the tackle. I'm not ready to give up on the kid yet. Javin White played a lot and was all over the field. Does he make the final 53 this year? DJ Turner! Looking forward to seeing more of that guy, seems to have some juice. And can't forget Ragas. Yeah he's probably training camp fodder this year, hopefully he makes the practice squad. Runs hard and he did a good job picking up a blitz.
  16. I thought the interior Oline looked pretty good. James, Cotton and Simpson were moving people in the running game. I liked that. The back up tackles on the other hand, looked a little shaky. Omameh and Jones-Smith were getting spun around quite a bit by their DEs which caused the INT and led to a couple sacks. Thought Leatherwood looked good in his first action, even though he almost gave up a sack. Looked like a professional starting RT to me, he'll only get better.
  17. Not that he was going to play a ton anyway but Mariota is out with another injury (according to Gruden, doesn't sound serious). Its gonna be the Peterman, Cookus show against Seattle this weekend. I'm gonna be watching the young guys on the Oline and of course, everything defense. Even though it will be vanilla, I'm wanting to see the effort and enthusiasm on that side of the ball.
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