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  1. The Grossman running mistake made me turn the game off. The no hitting is bad enough, the fielding and base running errors are just too much.
  2. Caesar Valdez of the O’s is one of the most fun players to watch. He throws about the best change up you’ll ever see, and a funky slider. I don’t think he even through a fastball last night and made it look easy vs the Yanks. He’s like a crafty 80s closer, firing a bunch of filthy junk up there on a string. Fun.
  3. I was thinking about you after I saw the stat line. Brad Keller did the same to me week one. Difference is it happened to you starting what people would call a top 40 starter. I did it starting a guy I regularly pick up and drop to stream. mccullers sucked the other day and that’s fine, mccullers is a SP 4/5 for me, it happens. But I’m out of the Keller business, those kinds of starts scare me away from players.
  4. I would pay Heidi Watney good money to give me her daily shavings. Not to be weird....
  5. Mize looked like a vet getting out of those jams in the first and second. I think some fans are down on him but he’s just growing up in the big leagues. His stuff can be filthy, his splitter can dive away from righties and his four seam is hitting 97. He’s gonna have some growing pains but tonight was impressive on many levels.
  6. So the baseballs are different again. Exit velocity is up, but homers and xbhs are down. They are trying to find the perfect ball to manipulate the game based on analytics. I don’t know how I feel about this. Then they light up Trevor Bauer for foreign substances/manipulation. You would think if it was an adult organization they’d move Bauer to the back burner. But they didn’t. corbin Burnes and Walker Buehler are fun to watch. I like closer by committee, it has always been the right way with your best reliever taking the hardest three or four outs in the last 2.3
  7. I like my Outfield: castellanos (original team member) acuna (found on fcfs) soto (found in fcfs) betts (traded belt and cutch to get many moons ago) 👍🏽 This is my year, or one or more of those guys will be available this off-season. Five year plan now in year six, time to shine.
  8. I can’t wait until Urena is usurped. They don’t hit enough yet but I think the pitching is on the cusp of being very good. I’ll be watching the minor league results a little closer in May and June this year, plenty of guys that should be in the rotation this summer.
  9. James Paxton is going for a second opinion. My second opinion to him would be to go #### himself.
  10. I'm Doctor Detroit's twin brother and we both approve of UP fatties. Get it done, bruh.
  11. I think conference competition paid off tonight. Baylor played Cunningham three times, maybe the most athletic team in college basketball Texas, three times. Then West Virginia, OU, Kansas, The big 12 was a bunch of 3 point games all year, it was amazing. Meanwhile Gonzaga beat the Pepperdine Kardashians three times, and trounced Sierra Mist State.
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