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  1. Agree, Hiura still seems boom or bust. I like taking those chances though, and Hiura could be kind a high end Jonathan Schoop. That’s a good bet imo.
  2. I think that’s why it’s important NOT to expand rosters like that in 2021. I’d add DL slots only, and only Covid guys can go there. Last year we did as well as we could, but the good teams were negatively effected.
  3. I call this the official demarcation of the Loney line. That snuck up on me.
  4. Some fair answers in here. I’lol have to check closer on the weekend, but during the week I’m not seeing much.
  5. IMO leasing is for older folks who have means and always want a reliable vehicle with guarantees. It's generally about the worst financial move you can make with cars, but I do get the attraction. That said, you have a meh credit score for a reason. I would not do this.
  6. Not sure who has this or who is interested, but I got it as part of a package with Disney and Hulu and I think it's pretty terrible. I was hoping for a Euro soccer game a day, maybe a good hockey game, and some college hoops. So the college hoops games have teams like Evansville and Wyoming in them, which is fine. There are choices. The soccer is most disappointing, didn't even have any UEFA games on today. Then there is hockey. They have one game a day and it's usually a Columbus game. The NBA games all involve Charlotte and I'm not even sure what their mascot is anymore. Se
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