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  1. He’s a 3Bman, and pretty good there. He’s a below average SS, like the rest of these guys. Goodrum really should not be playing there at all.
  2. Burrows and Ramos DFA’d. I’d think Mazara would be next, he’s so bad. Ramos can still hit but he’s really bad at catcher now, really bad. Speaking of bad fielding, Tigers are -13 in defensive runs saved…at shortstop. To me the biggest organizational need is SS, and I’d pay Baez or Correa to be the next pudge. Mize is good, and he’s gonna get better. He reminds of of Aaron Nola, and let’s hope that’s his profile. As he grows as a pitcher I see him shuking hitters with his four+ pitch arsenal. Manning coming up on Thursday and a two game win streak. Good times.
  3. I could watch these two teams play against each other on a loop forever. Great series.
  4. I want to see as much of Baddoo, Willi Castro, hill, Rogers, Parades, and Cameron as possible. Gotta find out who belongs Avs who does not. Baddoo is raw and can’t be sent down, so I get sitting him some when he’s slumping. The others need consistent playing time. Hill is elite defensively in CF so hopefully after he comes back he’ll continue to demonstrate better plate discipline. Same applies to Rogers really, he looks like a possible star if he can hit some more. Burrows looks decent in his debut.
  5. I’ll be interested to see where Hall goes. I don’t think anyone can figure him out but on a good team, he should be a 70 point + guy. After the Buffalo stint, I’d guess he’d take a reasonable three or four year deal.
  6. Isles have always been my closet team (I do have five isles sweaters though) so I’m rooting fit them. I like Vegas, great veteran team that just plays every second like it’s an elimination game. I don’t mind the Bolts, they are the best team left and they are fun to watch. Canadiens, meh but they are a huge dog so I love that. Avs have the most talent but as a Wings fan, it’s too soon. Go Knights!
  7. They beat the Pens and Bruins, they are pretty damn good. Tampa is better than those teams, but Isles are a good team who run the Trotz system.
  8. That whole period it felt like someone was on the power play. Vegas finally settled down but that was some intense sports.
  9. This is where you love having Flower in there. Blood pressure is constant at 125/80.
  10. Will you? My house is up north, I don’t slum in SW Michigan.
  11. Also stay away from Holland, lots of kooks there.
  12. Aho is Going to Mrazek tonight was smart, not gonna beat a crafty and skilled team like Tampa with a rookie goalie.
  13. Hang in there good buddy, I’m rooting for you! DD
  14. Bring a bunch of jumbo shrimp and while eating them, tell him you had sex with his wife.
  15. Whole team let Lillard down there. Going for tomahawk dunks down three is always advisable.
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