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  1. Dr Detroit is unavailable to change, but I took the liberty of starting a new thread. I’d post the link but that would embarrass the forum.
  2. I’ll be glad when LaRussa is gone from baseball. He can stay in Chicago as long as he wants though, they aren’t winning anything with this guy.
  3. I’m taking Brasky’s uber boy pretty early then will trade for Kessel.
  4. Best/worst part of this format is you hit for gold and look like a genius (Soto and Acuna), then remember that three years ago you gave up on Giolito even though you traded for him the year prior.
  5. Good postgame with Allen. He’s a really great underdog story who is a top three NFL QB now.
  6. Buffalo didn’t show up in week one so let’s see how they play next week. That’s the best team I’ve seen play this year, I think that’s a big step fir them.
  7. I was in basic training when the Bills lost their first super bowl, and stationed overseas with a ton of Cowboy fans for the others. My team sucks this year, I’m on the wagon.
  8. How did the Fighting Rudnickis ever lose to the Stillers? Unbelievable.
  9. Whose idea was it to dress the Chiefs like this? I hope they lose just because this hurts my eyes. Looks like a giant jellyrooster. 🤮
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