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  1. I can't imagine obsessing over every single person that says anything negative about Trump the way you have for years now.
  2. You don't have to worry about things like jail conditions and ankle bracelets if you are a law-abiding citizen.
  3. The only bogus thing is the bogus election fraud nonsense.
  4. The reason people say you are trolling is because you are and it's all you ever do. It's impossible to take someone like you seriously. And speaking of zero substance, read your own post. It contributes nothing.
  5. You keep bringing up mean tweets like its the only reason and its not (it's not just you but almost all Trump supporters). You and almost all Trump supporters ignore or downplay how Trump tried to overturn the election, how he incited a riot, and how he continuously claimed (and still claims) that the election was rigged. That is a horrible and dangerous attack on our democratic processes including but not limited to the peaceful transfer of power. Like it or not that is part of Trump's job performance. I was not impressed by most other things he did. There are 4 years of posts about the reasons if you are interested. I'm going to tell you what I think and not what you want to hear...and again not just you specifically but other Trump supporters as well.
  6. You're trolling is the definition of no response. It's all you ever do. As for my responses, I have given 4 years worth of reasons (as have others) and it's pointless to keep answering when the people asking the questions don't accept the answers. They then claim the questions haven't been answered (even though they have). Then they want you to go down the rabbit hole again and again. When you ask a question and refuse to accept or even acknowledge the answer it becomes pointless to keep answering the same question that was already answered.
  7. You post garbage sources all the time, gateway pundit being one of them.
  8. Trump was not only a terrible president, he was the worst in history.
  9. Good. I have done the same. I have mentioned numerous times what I think about Biden's 2 biggest mistakes, Afghanistan and the border. Some people think Biden voters ignore the bad simply because some of us, including me, won't say they made a mistake and should have voted for Trump.
  10. You're the one that mentioned him first...or did you conveniently forget that part of your fishing trip?
  11. Did you own the even more horrible option you elected?
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