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  1. A lot of them haven’t worked here in a year. Joe says everyone will have access to a shot by May. Why rush into it now? And again, the school year is 3/4 over There are people with medical issues that can’t get an appt. Shouldn’t they go before young healthy teachers ?
  2. There’s no guarantee that they’ll go back The school year is nearly over Why should they jump the line over other workers? A lot of people have jobs where they can’t even social distance the whole day ?
  3. Gov Wolf of Pa announced today that all of Pa’s Johnson n Johnson vaccine will go to teachers and school staff The rest of Pa citizens will get moderna n phizer joke imo
  4. This Also, I’d guess 90% of Americans (that approve the Bill) don’t even know what’s in the Bill
  5. Tartar is Mayo/sweet pickles Pickles on a cheeseburger are usually dill That said, I’d try it, why not? eta: a little lemon juice in tartar sauce is good too imo
  6. Ya , I was mostly jerking your chain after you swooped in to rescue Tim yesterday. But I’m guessing you knew that already Cheers 🍻
  7. All the more reason to identify yourself, be respectful and move on
  8. He was on all day yesterday Why would he have gotten a TO? He did nothing wrong that I saw
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