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  1. Sorry, but as @-fish-posted, this is bull poop
  2. I still can’t believe Taylor bunted with 2 on and 1 out in the 9th. That was bizarre
  3. I usually do not bet Cowboys games, but I was thinking the same
  4. Shocking that a guy that wasn’t on a team til week 5 has a hammy
  5. Just saw this myself smfh Great time to get cute Dave Not a Roberts fan
  6. Traded him away yesterday. Thrilled to be rid of him (redraft)
  7. I drafted in redraft and have held I’m afraid Winston is going to keep him from being really good
  8. The other night I shut the tv off and went to bed at 12:37. My alarm goes off at 4:55
  9. That’s the point. These are playoff games. Why start it so late? It’s the only mlb game tomorrow. That’s why when west coast poster said about regular season nfl games starting in the morning I said “lemme know when they start a playoff game at that time”. I believe that’s the post you quoted I honestly have no idea what your point is
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