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  1. Another happy foodsaver owner here
  2. Thanks for the bump @E Street Brat. I couldn’t find this thread lol. I started some seeds inside last week. Better Boy and Early Girl tomatoes, Anaheim and Marconi Red sweet peppers. I also started some Hatch chili seeds mild and medium, excited to see how they make out. Winters over!!!! Snow flurries coming here Friday morning lol
  3. I didn’t say make them difficult to get. They should be easy to get imo Some people argue that voting is a privilege btw. But you know that already I’m sure
  4. I don’t know that I suspect anything is happening. My beard is mostly grey, yet I get carded for booze. What do the people carding me suspect is happening ?
  5. 6 pack at the grocery store? Show my ID Cigarettes at Sheetz? Show my ID Rent a room for the night? Show my ID Cast my vote to elect the leader of the free world?? NAH, YOURE GOOD !!! I really don’t care whether you are a registered D or R....it’s silly not to have to show your ID to vote
  6. I started a gardening thread last yr but can’t find it with this search feature Gonna have to fire up a new one I guess
  7. You’re right. He bears zero blame for what happened My bad, idk what I was thinking
  8. Had he not decided to flee I’d say there was a 99.99% chance he wouldn’t have gotten shot Would you agree?
  9. Sure Which is why comparing the UK Police situation to ours is ridiculous
  10. I feel terrible for this young man and his family. But he is at the very least partially to blame agree or disagree?
  11. Thanks, me too I didn’t say it was worthy of being shot, I said it got him shot I feel comfortable saying that if he hadn’t done that there’s a 99.99% chance he wouldn’t have been shot Would you agree or disagree?
  12. Bring some of them over and let them patrol some of our major cities for a month on the night shift and ask them again
  13. Failing to have his tags in order got him pulled over. His deciding to jump in the car and try to take off got him shot
  14. There are 10s of millions of police interactions with civilians per year where civilians don’t attack or run from the police There are 10s of millions of police interactions with civilians per year where the officers are professional and perform their job safely and successfully But you know all of this already
  15. If an officer says that he/she thinks that they have that role , fire them. If one of them acts like they have that role fire/prosecute them. 🤷‍♂️
  16. Now do how we compare to other countries on police killed while on duty
  17. https://mobile.twitter.com/mommajessiec/status/1380152148990820355
  18. 35 of the last 40 winners have come from the final group if I heard correctly on golf channel
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