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  1. Just over 50 people voted and nearly half of them said they'd like to see more topics discussed. Fortunately, unlike the number of participants or moderation level, that's something we can control. Since I also voted for an increased number of topics, I call on my fellow FFAers to help me make this place more interesting. Either post a new topic or even go back in FFA history and bump something you think might breathe some life into this place.
  2. It's one of the top layer 1 protocols in both technology and market cap. Transactions are cheap, quick and the founder is crazy smart. It's too early to tell whether it will win a material amount of market share in the coming years, but it's fair to say there will be several key layer 1 protocols (rather than one big winner) and ALGO has a good chance to be one of them. My portfolio is built to "diversify my bets over several names" and ALGO takes up 6% with SOL as the leader at 23%. If you haven't already, I'd watch Coin Bureau's content on the projects you're interested in. He provides good summaries of the bull and bear cases. ALGO
  3. Not gonna lie. I do not like the looks of that chart. A dump to $0.20 would not surprise me.
  4. Since we're not allowed to rate looks, how about we go with this: 1. Can be found on Youtube as the subject of a "Karen" video? 2. Has 9 kids? 3. Is on her third marriage? 4. Has done the most drugs? 5. Makes the most money.
  5. On average 2 of those women are homosexual, NTTAWWT. Going with middle row, far right and fourth row, second from the right.
  6. Hands down if we're talking content. It's got anything and everything you can imagine. I just don't like the formatting. Topics get lost. There's no conversational flow. No profile pics to help recognize others.
  7. "Tried to quit again" suggests it's a behavioral addiction, which I can relate to.
  8. Which is odd to me because the organizational format of forums like this is so much better than the Reddit and Discords of the world. As I saw someone describe it last night, Discord "is just an endless stream of text."
  9. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if you only had to go back 2 weeks to find my latest dig on ETH. That said, you gotta follow the money and right now ETH is looking poised to set new highs soon.
  10. Hmmm. I see skirmishes here and there but nothing too egregious in the FFA.
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