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  1. I like it in the short term but it's not a good long term coin for me since its use case is dependent on a sluggish, expensive ETH 1.0. If ETH 2.0 has a successful rollout, then the need for Polygon goes down dramatically. That's not to say it becomes useless, but will be in much less demand.
  2. There is a ton of awesome info in this interview. Altcoin Daily I wish I could transfer that dude's knowledge into my head.
  3. Not at all. Its stock-to-flow is more bullish and has far more use cases than BTC. If the ETH 2.0 rollout is a success and it's the predominant platform of the decentralized economy, I'd be surprised if its market cap wasn't greater than Bitcoin's.
  4. I read an article the other day that mentioned there's a wallet that holds $22B worth of Dogecoin. I'm thinking to myself, "how on earth does someone hodl like that?" I'm just not built that way.
  5. I've got a somewhat formal trade plan where I sell 20% after a 50% rise, another 16% after it doubles, and finally 14% after it gets to 3X. At that point I let the remaining 50% ride. I guess I'm kicking myself because I deviated from that plan with ETH.
  6. I know. I'm a long term investor too, so there's no excuse other than stubbornness and fear of buying the short term top.
  7. I tried to get cute and sold 2/3 of my position at $2,995. At this point it's going to launch to $10K without me. ETA - I believe this is the first time I've checked into this thread. I've spent the last 3 months getting educated on crypto and am now all-in. I've moved a large portion of my business's cash into BTC and my personal portfolio is nothing but crypto. People still messing around with stocks seem silly to me.
  8. Decent amount of money piling into that one. Over $3M by my estimate. Their earnings were Friday so something must have gone right.
  9. Out 1/3 GTEH at 50% profit. Out 1/3 WDLF at 50% profit.
  10. Looking like a nice open for a few: AITX, PLYZ, GAXY, WDLF, and GTEH all appear ready for a gap.
  11. Fox doing a wonderful job of giving their readers the whole picture of the Texas energy crisis. It's frozen windmills Tucker thinks so too... The only problem is they conveniently leave out that over 20 GW of natural gas and coal generation has been shut down due to freezing too. Thanks for creating misinformed zombies, Fox.
  12. Either stop or stop limit. The difference being if the stock trades your limit price or lower, the stop on quote order will engage a market order to instantly sell whereas a stop limit on quote will place a limit order to sell at a specific price. The benefits of a stop order is you're guaranteed to close the position. The drawback is if there's a wide bid/ask spread, you might not love the price you sell at. Conversely, the stop limit gives you control of what price you sell with the drawback that you may never get filled if the market runs too fast.
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