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  1. Decent amount of money piling into that one. Over $3M by my estimate. Their earnings were Friday so something must have gone right.
  2. Out 1/3 GTEH at 50% profit. Out 1/3 WDLF at 50% profit.
  3. Looking like a nice open for a few: AITX, PLYZ, GAXY, WDLF, and GTEH all appear ready for a gap.
  4. Fox doing a wonderful job of giving their readers the whole picture of the Texas energy crisis. It's frozen windmills Tucker thinks so too... The only problem is they conveniently leave out that over 20 GW of natural gas and coal generation has been shut down due to freezing too. Thanks for creating misinformed zombies, Fox.
  5. Either stop or stop limit. The difference being if the stock trades your limit price or lower, the stop on quote order will engage a market order to instantly sell whereas a stop limit on quote will place a limit order to sell at a specific price. The benefits of a stop order is you're guaranteed to close the position. The drawback is if there's a wide bid/ask spread, you might not love the price you sell at. Conversely, the stop limit gives you control of what price you sell with the drawback that you may never get filled if the market runs too fast.
  6. Bot in FTXP today at .0016. Stop at .0011. Other current holdings: GTEH - .0075 basis. I hope to see some strength soon or I will cut bait below .0065. SGSI - remaining 1/3 freeroller INTV - remaining 1/3 freeroller WDLF - .024 basis. I like how it's consolidating here. Not worried about this one right now. PLYZ - .0047 basis. This one's kind of dangling out there in no man's land. I'll be concerned if it breaks .004. GAXY - .0424 basis. Got 2/3 left. No worries right now. STWC - remaining 1/3 freeroller.
  7. Out on another 1/3 of INTV. No clue what kicked that into gear today.
  8. CNBC's been talking a lot about cannabis stocks this morning and how the reddit herd is pumping a lot of them. I think we're seeing that with some of these pennies (PLYZ, STWC, GNAL, etc). Could be a fun ride.
  9. STWC was actually someone else's recommendation, I believe. It had already broken out when I reviewed the chart, and .0045 was an area of resistance I wanted to see it break before entering. No offense taken at all and I didn't read it as criticism. It's always good to have different perspectives on things.
  10. Not necessarily. Using ITNS as an example, it had amazing volume on Jan 20th. Assuming you buy the close that day you're in at .0017. Another example is PHIL which Chief just mentioned. On Dec 28 it had incredible volume and if you bought the close you're in at .0004. It's a 20X multiple of that today. Granted, you might miss out on that first double up, but I would think that "tell" is worth it over the long run because otherwise your capital is tied up in things that may eventually drift to zero.
  11. A lot of stuff is starting to catch a bid. Hopefully the panic is over for now. ETA - Got filled on GTEH at .0075. Stop set at .0045.
  12. Yeah... A lot of profit taking going on.
  13. Putting my money where my mouth is on this one. Just got filled at .005. Stop set at .0033.
  14. Yeah...it feels like shooting fish in a barrel lately. Gotta think it's the same retail 'gambling' liquidity that flooded into GME.
  15. I really like that chart. I know you mentioned wanting to get out flat, but I'd set a stop at a level you feel comfortable losing and let it run a little. I may buy in as it appears to have little resistance to .01. I'd be looking to get out of stocks that I wouldn't be willing to start a position in at this point. That's not the case with PLYZ.
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