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  1. The Doge Pound NFT just announced that OG Doge owners will have pre-release access to new influencer based NFT projects as part of a new launchpad effort. This could wind up adding huge value to owners (which I'm one) ETA - the floor has gone from 0.7 to 1.30 in the three hours since this was announced.
  2. This wouldn't have been caught had it not been for the traceability of blockchain technology.
  3. I haven't played any of these personally, but I recognize a lot of names on this list from other PtE Youtubers I follow. 8 NFT games
  4. Nice breakdown of 10 projects that should benefit now that Cardano has smart contracts. Projects 1-5 Projects 6-10
  5. It's fun, but dangerous. You buy one, then you want another... And another... And another. I spent nearly $50k in two weeks before shutting myself down. Even then I couldn't keep myself from DCAing a losing position. I'll keep what I have and hope the losers rebound while my Cardano Aeoniumsky position keeps climbing to even things out.
  6. Other than my day job, it's all I do. If I'm watching TV, it's Youtube about crypto. If I'm on the internet, it's Twitter or Discord reading up on crypto or browsing NFT projects. If I"m on my phone I'm doing the same. It's a fun hobby and considering it may allow me to retire at the age of 45 if things land right, I'm all in right now. If you want specifics, I'd start by watching some of the more grounded, educational Youtubers like Coin Bureau. Others I follow are The Bitcoin Express, Altcoin Buzz, Giancarlo Buys Tokens, and CTO Larsson. The industry is broad, so just focus on learning about Bitcoin and branch out from there once you get your feet under you.
  7. OK, so I've decided to do a complete overhaul of my portfolio, throwing out anything that isn't either a Layer 1 Protocol (50%), related to crypto gaming (37.5%), or NFTs (12.5%). That means no BTC, no LINK, no THETA, no anything that I don't understand and doesn't fit into those three categories. Focusing in on the L1 Protocols, I wanted to get an idea of which tokens had the most upside assuming the space grows 2X and ETH sheds market share to its competition. To do this, I pulled the market caps of the top 12 players and summed them. Here is a list of the 12 with their percentage of the market cap sum in parenthesis. 1. ETH - (57), 2. ADA (12), 3. BNB (10), 4. SOL (7), 5. DOT/KSM (6), 6. ALGO (2), 7. AVAX (2), 8. ATOM (1), 9. EGLD (1), 10. MATIC (1), 11. TEZOS (1), 12. ONE (0.5) I then moved the percentages around according to how I think the distribution might look in the future. That is ETH (30), SOL (25), ADA (15), DOT (7.5), BNB (7.5), ATOM (2.5), ALGO (2.5) EGLD, ONE, AVAX, MATIC, TEZOS (2). Using the difference of the two % and the assumption that the total market cap would 2X from current levels, I calculated estimated performance as: ONE - 1,350% SOL - 675% EGLD - 540% TEZOS - 422% ATOM - 412% MATIC - 325% ALGO - 281% DOT - 268% ADA - 260% AVAX - 235% BNB - 151% ETH - 105% This analysis is leading me to allocate nearly 30% of my L1 Platform funds to SOL as well as a higher than expected allocation into ONE. Do with this information as you wish. I'm not a financial advisor and I like to lose money from time to time.
  8. "Overall, Solana’s architecture is very different than Ethereum’s. It’s certainly more confusing but I can see it having advantages as well. I’m glad to have gone through this exercise and I think it’s a neat system. I hope I have the opportunity to learn more about it!" This seems to be the reaction to Cardano as well. I wonder if ADA will be able to get the ball rolling with devs like SOL seems to have.
  9. It's been a quarter, so time to refresh my top 5, in order: SOL - The system is just getting up and running with some awesome projects (Star Atlas) and people are fleeing ETH's NFT market because of the gas fees. Despite its torrid run, its market cap is still 1/7 of ETH. BTC - Still the OG crypto which will get gobbled up by institutions once the regulatory landscape is clearer. Keep in mind that its upside is muted relative to the alts, so expect relative underperformance, but it's the safest play. ADA - Still great upside despite its recent 2X, but SOL has a head start and devs need to learn how to build on it which could take time. ILV - Ambitious Play to Earn gaming ecosystem led by competent team that offers huge staking rewards. You'll need to stake in order to keep up with the supply dilution, however. ETH - Still not sold on this ecosystem given the high transaction costs, but for now it's where the big boys play and if it can incorporate Layer 2 solutions and transition to PoS smoothly, should do well over the coming months. Be cautious of the supply dump once the ETH 2.0 staking unlocks occur, however. Gaming Moonshots: SAND, WILD, VPP, DERC, ALU, and HERO.
  10. It's time for all the third tier ecosystems to pamp. ATOM, DOT, ALGO, EGLD, and ONE all cranking.
  11. This video does a pretty good job of explaining things further. ADA FUD
  12. I really do love CAKE. It's so refreshing to use. Wish they carried more tokens.
  13. Not ETH Dexes. It's currently $2,500 in gas to do a swap on Uni. Only $5K to buy an NFT right now. LOL.
  14. OK. Some advice 2-weeks ago Cranks wishes they'd listened to. 1. Make sure the project is led by a quality team. If they don't provide good background of their team on their website, then it's a gamble it'll be run well. 2. Review their whitepaper and make sure there's a plan for longer term growth/value. Projects with 10,000 jpegs and no plan are a dime a dozen and will likely end in loss. You want to see things like future drops for owners, use cases for a metaverse, and other things that can bring in future members and add more value to OGs. Just to explain further what I'm talking about, check out this update for the members of Cyberkongz.
  15. Follow up on this, since Cardano smart contracts don't go live until the 9/12, their NFT purchase system relies on direct P2P transactions. When you buy something on CNFT.io, you send the money to the seller's address, then the seller has 24 hours to send you the NFT. If they don't, your money is refunded (minus miniscule gas fees). It basically gives the seller a free option to do the deal, which sucks. I know this first hand because one of the NFTs I bought has not been delivered yet and there's only 5 hours left on the clock. Hopefully once smart contracts go live it'll function as it should.
  16. Not me. I'm tapped out of ETH NFTs for now. Did you get in? What do you like about them?
  17. I picked up some $140s on the dip. Not a great feeling after I sold $60s, then $80s, then $110s, but I think this thing will be $500 within the next year.
  18. Not seeing any special news. May just be technicals. 🤷‍♂️
  19. Welcome to Ethereum, where the retail guy doesn't belong.
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