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  1. 49 minutes ago, JPeso said:

    That’s a blanket statement. Certainly depends on the value you get back. The guy remains a competitive advantage, so a competitive team should still be selective of who they ship him to, and for what. Obviously if you aren’t competitive, yes, he’s a terrific guy to sell. 

    Yes, obviously don’t give him away, but the better dynasty owners don’t let assets retire on their team. 

  2. 23 hours ago, Soulfly3 said:

    Name a single player that you think others should be targetting in Dynasty leagues this offseason, who can likely be had on the "cheap"

    For me - Tarik Cohen

    New coaching staff has thrown around the name "Darren Sproles" when describing him as well as "a human joystick"... With new coaching staff in palce, and most importantly, a new OC, I think Cohen could have a breakout year.

    Last season, this poor cat had I think 3 HUGE tds called back on stupid penalties, and was totally underutilized, to the anger of Bears fans. PPR stud, and could likely be had for a mere 2nd round pick.

    What say you?

    I like him, but I don’t see him being more than a niche RB.

  3. 56 minutes ago, Zyphros said:

    Ryan Nall has been impressive all day long too.  I heard some teams might view him as a TE, so there's always that option.  But he's been an impressive RB for his size today as well.  He lacks long speed as his 4.67 4.59 40 says but he's more a grinding RB anyways, with some quickness and pass catching ability.  

    I’d say he’ll probably end up as an UFA and an eventual special teamer.

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