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  1. Up by 16 with the Steelers D going against Snell. Hope he doesn't have that good of a game
  2. Agreed I also heard on Sirius radio that the Cincy coaches loved Herbert. I believe they actually said on the broadcast I was listening to that they preferred him to every other QB in the class. Agreed...……. the 5 and other 2 1's and probably even their 1 next year. Would have done it in a second
  3. There is absolutely no way Mason Rudolph is better than Jameis Winston. I will admit i might have more faith in him than others and i might admit I am wrong on some of my thoughts due to the above but I cant agree with this. Rudolph is AWFUL
  4. I agree with alot of this. Get him under 20 (i said 17ish) I would draft Young but also always listen to offers. One good draft trade can really set up a franchise. Ride Winston's upside and see where it takes you.
  5. I apologize. He played 1 'relevant' year in college. He wasnt getting drafted prior to this year. My statement was incorrect. I meant only one year put him on the map. I should have stated it better
  6. Its bad but it was an outlier. His other years arent great td to int ratio.....but not as bad as last. Still, high upside imo
  7. He played 1 year out of 4 in college. Coming i to this year he wouldnt have been drafted. I think he can be a good QB in the NFL and I am not really saying I think Jameis is better (maybe i am) but I am saying Chase Young and Jameis makes them better than just Burrow by himself. Chase Young is a stud and by far the best player in this draft
  8. I think Burrow had a sensational year this year. One for the ages. I just dont like 1 year wonders. Wasnt a high recruit. Couldnt win the job at OSU and had his great year with phenomenial talent around him and a pro offensive coordinator. I dont see him succeeding at the next level. Jameis, however, gives you a QP ready to go AND allows you to draft Chase Young. Thats the biggest part of this.
  9. He is still a young man. His college and early 20's got him a bad rap like alot of kids. I am not even a big Jameis fan. I jist look at him as a great buy low in the NFL and how Cincy would come out ahead looking at my plan instead if drafting Burrow
  10. I think a change of scenary, good running game and balance offensive calling could help him become a very good qb. He is not a finished product, he has flashed good and bad......BUT i wouldnt give up on a kid with his upside who has been on 1 team with a very aggressive offensive minded coach. I feel very comfortable saying he has his best football dayd ahead of him.
  11. I see a high ceiling and a talented player who had alot of weight on his shoulders. Not alot of players have his numbers (the good ones and the bad ones) at his age. He went to the worst team in the league 5 years ago and has 6 wins (after a 2 win season), a 9 win season and a 7 win season. His 2 down seasons were injury riddled and bad offseasons for him. He is 26 and you have to give up 0 compensation to get him. Former #1 high school player, former College National Champion, Former #1 pick, former league leader in passing yards. Thats alot to accomplish by 25 years old. His ints were bad last year but prior to last season, they werent ridiculously high. I believe the arm talent, athleticism, LEADERSHIP (not a misprint), COMPETITIVE is all there.
  12. Arians runs a very high passing volume offense. Allowing Jameis to learn another system, with a running game to rely on, and I see Jameis succeeding. I will keep stressing he isnt the type of prospect that comes along very often that you cam get on the cheap and dont have to trade tons of picks/players for. Chase and him make the Bengals relevant again. Not sold on Burrow at all. Jameis to the Bengals and drafting Young is the way to go!
  13. Remember Jameis's age, only 26 (not 25 like previously stated). Alot of qbs take a few years to adjust to the speed of the NFL. Give Jameis a good running game and a less aggressive coach (Ariens might bot have been great for him) and i definetly see jim improving. The big thing people are forgetting and i keep stressing is I am not saying this is a Jameis vs Burrow thing............ The Bengals do this so they can draft Chase Young. Chase Young plus Jameis makes the Bengals more competitive this year and the following.
  14. Just stop! Minshew is more of a winner than Jameis? Jameis won a college football title. Jameis improved the 2-14 Bucs to 6-10 in year 1 and 9-7 in year 2. True he had an injured and bad off field years issues in years 3 and 4 but year 5 led the league in passing yards, threw 30 tds and had a 7-9 record (i know he had 30 ints also). There is no comparison between his talent and Gardner Minshew. Look, I am looking to bring Jameis in on a 15-17 million dollar deal for 3 years (with bonus options). I would not break the bank for him. If I am Cincinnati, i try to get a 2 for 1 deal by getting Winston and Young this year. Jameis can take it and start and have a chance to get paid again at 28 years old or he can get pushed into the backup role and see how that works out. Cincy needs to think outside the box. If they take Burrow, they will be picking in the top 5 again for the next 5 years. With Jameis and Young, their future is much brighter.
  15. The big thing everyone is forgetting about here is you are ALSO GETTING CHASE YOUNG! I am not saying Winston is great. I think is ready to help a team win now, more than Burrow AND DRAFT CHASE YOUNG
  16. I watched Cincy play a lot last year. They were good early on with Dalton and AWFUL when they switched to Finley. The last few games, once Dalton was back at QB, the oline looked really good, the running game was very good and the wr's are far above avg (especially with a healthy Green). Like I mentioned before, Green-Boyd-Ross and Mixon can all day compete IMO, with Evans-Godwin and Ronald Jones. Make the smart move Cincy
  17. I agree. You could get a lot for the #1...….but I think Young is the best player in the draft
  18. Like I said in another thread. Cincinnati sign him and draft Chase Young
  19. I can agree. I am not trying to act like WInston has reached his potential.....just that he has potential. I think this is an opportunity for Cincy to get back into the AFC North playoff picture. I am not a big Jameis fan, just think this makes too much sense for both parties. I would think you could sign Jameis for cheap als due to not too many starting oppurtunities out there right now. Again, remember he comes with Chase Young attached with the #1 overall pick also
  20. Peyton Manning had 83 ints in his 1st 4 years in the NFL. I am not comparing the 2 but Jameis had 88 in his 1st 5 years. I like a QB who isn't gun shy and pushes the ball down the field. I understand you cant throw 30 ints in a season but the great ones aren't afraid. I think Jameis is still in for a very good career and (again not a Cincy fan) but I think it would be a great place for him and a great move for the team.
  21. After winning a National Championship for undefeated Florist St Seminoles.....he went 6-10 on the previous years' worst NFL team. The next year Jameis went 9-7 and almost made the playoffs. The after 2 seasons where he missed time, he had a combined 6-16 2 year run followed by a 7-9 campaign this year. Tom Brady in my eyes, is the best "winner" at the position I have ever seen. He is coming off a 12 win season and I still don't think TB makes the playoffs with him next year. What all this means is …….how good id TB? I think CIncy could be a .500 next year with a bright future if the above plan was their approach. I am just a fan, obviously not a NFL exec, but Chase Young is that good and again, not sold on Burrow.
  22. I don't know how much more talented TB is than Cincy. Cincy is very good at the skill positions. I ask myself how good I think TB will be now with Brady and I keep saying around a .500 team. I know Jameis has been a turnover machine and I get that but he has already had his introduction to the league. Cincy would be smart to look into this IMO
  23. I am not a Cincy fan, jut a football fan. I see Jameis has the pedigree that I look for. He is still a young kid. The package of him and Chase is the way to turn around the Bengals quickly...…..IMO
  24. 1st, I will start this off by saying, I am not a huge Joe Burrow fan. I think he had one of, if not the best, college seasons a college QB has ever had. He had a great team around him and he took full advantage of it. I think he is a great kid and I have nothing personal against him, but I am just not sold on him in the NFL. He wasn't a huge recruit coming out of high school and couldn't beat out the QB's at Ohio St. If he goes to a good team in the NFL, he could be a nice player. That being said, the Cincinnati Bengals aren't a good team currently. I don't believe he could come in and rise the franchise out of the hole they are currently in. Also, the best player in most peoples mind in this draft, is a homegrown kid for them. He is a once generational type of talent and comes plays a position that the Bengals could upgrade. Also, as of yesterday, a young, franchise QB became available. Tell me the last time a 25 year old, former #1 overall High School Player, NFL #1 draft selected and led the NFL in passing yards the prior year, was available as a FA. There isn't a doubt in mind that that Jameis WInston is the more talented player between himself and Burrow. Jameis has also already gone thru the bumps and bruises of being a young player in the NFL while only being 25 years old. These young, talented and proven (I know he throws a lot of ints) QB's don't become available very often. If you look at Cincinnati, the offensive parts are there, now. They will be getting back help on the Oline, the have very good weapons at the WR position and they have a very good, young RB. Adding Jameis Winston and Chase Young to the Bengals would have 2 young stars that this franchise desperately needs and could build around. Its my opinion that the Bengals should do everything they can to sign Jameis and draft Young . I understand Jameis can not be some peoples cup of tea but again, young QB's like him don't become available very often.....especially when players like Young can also be had. Thoughts?
  25. The way i see it is, I drafted Zeke for the playoffs. I am in a 12 team league that 8 teams make the playoffs. I will make it with or without him. So as long as he is good to go in week 13, i wont regret drafting him
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