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  1. I didn't read "great driver" there. I read "defensive driver" - which I am. Yes, we're better.
  2. get help, soon. edit to add: this is exactly the mindset of the shooter, I'd imagine.
  3. If everyone just went through their closet every 2 years, and threw away EVERYTHING they haven't worn in 1 year....they'd feel better about themselves. And the less fortunate would be much better dressed
  4. I think this place confirms most political message board posters are loonies
  5. These were D'Addario nickel bronze coated. Trying a few out. Those will be next. Thanks for advice.
  6. I didn't know how easy it was until I watched. That was the second time I stayed and realized I could easily do it.
  7. that's right. nat gas is supplied at a lower pressure than propane. Essentially needs a venturi to work, but they are sold as a unit that keeps everything proper....I bought one after converting a stove from propane (bullet tank) to nat gas when they ran nat gas around lake.
  8. with these stores talking about charging for plastic bags now, I think we'll all have a grocery purse like Shuke here has.
  9. new strings Sunday on the Epiphone.....always amazed at how much better it sounds. Having taken it to a luthier the last couple times, I'm now confident that I'll never need to do that again either.
  10. yo ese, no worries mang HOME OF THE BRAT!!! You're gonna get fat(ter)!!
  11. Yes. So freaking long. I loved it tho. Rock Band and Guitar Hero are the reasons I am learning guitar.
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