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  1. They're not drafting a QB high at least. Nfl 2nd round picks are gold. And to spend that on a QB that you didn't believe could start for you is not a good strategy. Besides, he looked promising last year.
  2. Big guy, 6' 220 loves contact. Breaking tackles left and right in c-usa. Ran a 4.8 coming out of high school.
  3. I really liked what I saw from Hurts. I think I'd value him at the 1.02 SF. But I can understand that you probably wouldn't get that.
  4. As I said, small sample size, but if it's good enough for you, I say go for it!
  5. I'm not sure we had a good enough sample of three healthy backs to know how they planned to use them in 2020. 2021 seems like a mystery to me.
  6. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibilities that Rogers is holding a grudge towards the organization for drafting Love and orchestrates his way out via a trade.
  7. Doubling down? A serious question to ponder for your peace. Why does what someone says in a fantasy football forum affect you so much? Why does what anyone says ever need to affect your peace? I don't know you but I do see that you are frustrated and feeling victimized. You don't have to be either. Maybe your not and this is all schtick. But on the chance this is a legit post maybe ponder this question, for a better existence.
  8. This is what I saw too. The guy is legit. I thought he out played Kyler. I guess the eagles brass had a better understanding of their quarterback situation than most of us did. They made the right move.
  9. The bold, even stranger. To be honest, if this is where you're still at after our conversation there's nothing more I can say. I've presented a different kind of existence. That's all I can do. I wish you well.
  10. And that's really my point to MoP's call to be offended by the word owner. There is pain in offense. But there is no need to be offended by anyone if we don't put our value what people say or do. No offense = no pain = peace for all!
  11. Well, I would hope that my life would not be run by the words of a 20 year old punk, or anyone for that matter. That would be a tough way to live.
  12. I disagree. Yes, she wouldn't say she wants to be a victim. It's just a natural reaction brought about by a false teaching that has been ingrained into her that she needs to be offended. It's a victim mentality that is out of control in our society. But she doesn't need to be offended. That's what I hope that people know. For all our sakes.
  13. It shouldn't be a forced thing where she grits her teeth and then doesn't be offended. It's a natural occurrence based off of peace brought about by a different understanding of human nature. It's an existence.
  14. Well, I do think that if someone shames someone, which I thought is what happened In your case but was mistaken, but yes if someone shames someone for being or saying or doing "whatever" without knowing what their true intensions are, then they are in the wrong and they just want to be a victim.
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