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  1. I thought I was going to be able to compete this year but I'm 0-3. Can this team make a comeback or is it time to sell? 12 team PPR QB Rodgers, D. Jones RB Swift, Edmonds, Conner, T. Williams WR A.J. Brown, T. Mclaurin, A. Cooper, Golladay, Chark, Agholar, Slayton TE Gronk, F. Davis
  2. Cooper actually injured his ribs in the first game. On his second touchdown his midsection came down hard on the defenders helmet. Which is why he didn't get much action his way last week. He's not one to sit out and let it heal. So this might linger for awhile.
  3. If you need QB help I would pick up Taysom before the saints get shut down again this week and they talk about making a change.
  4. I remember watching Aaron Jones splitting time with Williams 3 years ago. Every time Jones got the ball I could see how much more explosive he was compared to Williams. I see the same thing with Swift so far. Hopefully Swifts trajectory is similar to Jones.
  5. He played against the lions. It wasn't that great of performance. I'd sell high if anyone is buying.
  6. He didn't line up outside until the last drive. Goff rarely even looked his way all game.
  7. It seems the lions have no interest in using Swift as a weapon. They must think he's pretty average.
  8. First play a read option. That's a good sign.
  9. That's pretty optimistic. I hope your right. I just don't see him being on the field that much to garner a line like that.
  10. I think right now the Ravens aren't concerned about finding a playmaker at RB. Lamar is their playmaker. They want a running back who is reliable. A guy who can pass block, and hold on to the ball. A guy who knows where to be on offense. They don't trust Williams as of yet. I think it was similar to Dobbins last year. Hopefully he improves and gains trust as we go along just like Dobbins did and he'll get more and more touches.
  11. He was confused on what to do during read option plays. Missed pass pros. Was late lining up on a play that was called for delay of game.
  12. Murray is exactly what the Baltimore coaches wanted. Get a few yards and hold onto the ball then pass pro and let Lamar do his thing. Murray is not going anywhere.
  13. Missed his block on the fumble. This guy is done.
  14. Well, that's that. It's clear Murray is the guy they trust.
  15. How is there not one SF beat writer that knew about this development?
  16. A lot of votes for red zone. I just haven't been able to get into it. I feel I lose a lot of the context of a player as he relates to the team in general. Like his role and how he looks compared to the other players. How much was he involved in the game plan. How is the team playing overall. Things like that. I'm a big picture guy and like to see it all. It helps me make more informed decisions.
  17. Flags planted for Shenault and Marvin Jones. Mine is for Chark. Finally has a QB to hit him running open down the field.
  18. Totally agree with this. Although I don't like that they've had to do so much motivating this off-season.
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