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  1. https://www.footballguys.com/article/2021-defense-by-committee
  2. Sky News where I live in the UK have interrupted their Covid-19 coverage to show this video, there is widespread disbelief over here that something like this could happen in the USA, but then there has been disbelief about a lot of things that have happened over the last few years.
  3. But the reason you want the guy is because you think he's value, no? You try to assess what the drop off is between, say, the running back you like now and the running back you think will still be there at your next pick. You then compare with the corresponding drop-off between WRs/QBs/TEs (depending on your need at the time too) and make your pick accordingly.
  4. I took him at 2:11 (25th overall) in a 14-team, start 2RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex league, non PPR. In fact I went RB,RB,TE (Kelce), RB when Crowell was still there at 53rd overall, because previous experience of that league has taught me you can win without anything approaching a top WR but you are going to need an awful lot of luck if you don't draft 2/3 reasonable RBs early.
  5. I took him at 88th overall in two drafts this week (8.04 in a 12-team PPR league & 7.04 in a 14-team non-PPR league). I like him a lot but wasn't conscious of especially targetting him.
  6. He is widely described as being in critical condition. Perhaps we should be bearing this in mind when posting?
  7. Thanks for the help Bruce. I've now got to a stage where I'm comfortable with the rankings in the DD.Incidentally, a couple of pieces of advice that I'm sure have been aired before but are worth repeating. First, double check everything you input in terms of your league scoring etc. I have 2 leagues with the same scoring system and couldn't work out why the Ravens D was ranked 35 overall in one league (our league scores heavy D points) but 54 in the other. Then I realised that I'd put 3 for a safety and 4 for an int in one league instead of the other way round. That tiny typo made a difference of 19 spots on the overall rankings.Secondly, do look into importing the average projections rather than relying just on the David Dodds ones. Manning got bumped down by 12 spots in my league once I'd swapped to the average projections even though on the face of it there isn't a huge amount between the five sets of projections.
  8. Thanks for the reply and advice. I have never really tinkered with the Baselines before, just used Joe's secret formula. It's no problem to get the WRs and RBs on the same scale, but I have no idea how to relate those to the other positions. Inputting something close to the worst starter method, for instance, means the DD then has Manning at 3 overall, and Baltimore and Chicago at 4 and 5 overall. I'm not sure I believe the integrity of these figures, but equally it doesn't seem right to just shuffle about with the figures to make the defenses be, say, fourth or fifth round picks instead - I wanted the DD to tell me where each player/team should be valued rather than me telling it! Have I got the wrong idea here?
  9. Hi Bruce My league does not designate specific numbers of RB/WR/TE starters, instead it simply states we must start 5 players from those 3 positions - we can start 5 RBs, 5 WRs, or indeed any combination of the three positions. So you can actually not start a RB (or indeed WR or TE, of course). Do you have any suggestions as to how I should enter the positions into the set-up? The default setting if entering 5 in the flex positions leaves RBs valued too highly - leaving for instance Rudi Johnson higher in the player pool than Chad despite being 35 points adrift. What I am trying to achieve (and please tell me if you think I'm wrong here) is a setting which values WRs/RBs totally on projected fantasy points - if a WR projects to 225pts and a RB to 224 the WR would be higher ranked in the player pool. At the moment the setting that seems closest is to set RB at 1.9 and WR at 3.1 (and TE at 0). Does this seem to make sense to you? Also, when I run this setting, Manning ends up as the number 3 overall pick. Does this seem intuitively correct to you i.e. that the downgrading of the RB position in this league caused by the freedom to start any combination of 5 RBs/WRs/TEs could cause Manning's value to rise sharply? Bulger comes in at 21 overall, Brady at 23 and Brees and Palmer squeeze in to the top 30 too. I'm just not sure I'm comfortable with these rankings but maybe I should be with this player line-up system? The scoring is basic perf, 1 per 25 pass, -3 int, 1 per 10 rush/rec, 4 pass TD, 5 rec TD, 6 rush TD, 1pt per rec for all players. Thanks for advice.
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