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  1. Comparing pedophilia to consensual adult relationships and flirtatious talk are we? There was evidence, many past priests had admission of such heinous acts. Dont equate pedophilia to a consensual work relationship and flirtatious talk. Lets not forget we are in a society where women are offended if you tell them to smile.
  2. The one thing about Kizer is he has a big arm, I do suspect they will take a few deep shots, they could hit on one of them. Please take the who do I start to the AC forum if you want people to make guesses about your team.
  3. No its doesnt say anything, it just says a guy is flirting. You are putting your rhetorical spin on it. If she made a remark saying dont talk to me like that, its different, did you hear such a remark in the video? I can assume she is ok with such remarks, how do you know she wasnt? I'm guessing this was inappropriate to the bosses now, but wasnt at the time.
  4. Trollin? Again, I disagree and dont have the same moral code you have with how women refer to sexual assault, and its trolling? Clearly you denying such things is a joke. You never said an inappropriate flirtatious remark to a woman? Its ok, dont say no...no one will believe you. I made no qualms about me defending men until I have proof and I will continue to do so. I wont feel shame for defending men until proof of rape or unwanted sexual assault is proven. I will never just trust a random woman without proof, sorry if you think that is trolling. I can call those willfully believing women without proof trolling.
  5. Yeah, I dont have any care about Matt Lauer making that comment and any one who does is fake. Every single man here has said flirtatious comments to a woman, his was just on tape. Gay men get away with saying a lot worse to women, which is another topic...is what gay men say to women any worse then straight men sometimes, but we know how women look at it, is that a form of sexism? Not so simple when you bring in the many circumstances and nuance into such issues.
  6. A good dumb rant, it was a one sentence comment looking for info. I hate when actual facts gets in away of attempted spin with a person you disagree with. Also, not caring? Yeah, I have stated I will not shed a tear for a consenting woman who now wants to cry assault and or rape. Thats vindictiveness and if you want to believe the assault without proof, I will believe it wasnt assault until I get proof. The morals of those who have them should understand that. Also she passed out and had to go to the nurse...really? We are believing that? lol But didnt go to cops or bosses? She was so scared, but not scared enough to see a nurse? I'm sure the nurse asked questions, wanted a rape kit. No?
  7. Fantastic, I was unaware she had to pay him back. Thats so great for mens rights who are falsely accused. I wanted to double check that figure and I also found out he is currently a spokesperson for the innocent project in Cali. You go Brian!
  8. Oh, my bad...I just share stories about how they relate to the topic and after all flying is my life so a lot of my stories have to do with that. Wanna know my equipment size? Wait, that was close to harassment if I said that to a woman...whan to know what type of plane I fly on normal occasions? lol Just kidding, I wont bore you with that talk. I rather continue to talk about how men are vulnerable in these crazy times. A photo does not mean it wasnt a consensual act. I have also heard of this photo...I believe it was a text sent. Which just means he sent a dirty photo, which goes to my point we see the photo hear the story, boom he is guilty. How it goes.
  9. Remember all the hell Brian Banks got? What was her punishment for ruining a mans life?
  10. It takes a woman just one phone call to end a mans life that she slept with as we know it. Understanding that does not condone rape or legit sexual assault. But are we really going to be OK with a women coming forward 10 years later and saying hey he touched my boob or butt? Stop it? I do not believe one woman who has come forward with Al Franken. That photo wasnt even inappropriate to me, it was a comedian attempting to be funny. May not have been funny, but thats not the point. I dont care. I dont care about that stuff. Her description of the story was straight out of the attempt to embarrass someone handbook and a radio personality? Lets avoid the obvious because the juicy details are better.
  11. Yes, because every issue is raping women you work with? Thats type of disrespect for the truth is how we get remarks like that. One thing I notice is its a lot of men to be the first to jump in front of the morality train, as if you have to defend all women to appear as if you are against sexual assault. The morality issue is one we need to stop, as if any person on this board doesnt have some skeletons in their closet. But I do understand the quick one liner to attempt to show your high morals, even though it is littered with rhetoric. The unreal forgettable fact, you cant rape the willing. When you are willing, you are consensual. Any woman in the world has the magic button if they want to stop a man from moving forward. Are you telling me this man had her arms tied, thats not what was alleged in the story. If he is raping you and your arms are free, grab his package and twist until he passes out. I'm just amazed at how we set aside needing actual proof because the story and the fake morals are better to have.
  12. lol, thats extreme. But, do women think men in power are more inclined to hire them? Right or wrong, I sure wouldnt want to put my company at risk of this stuff with how unreal just an accusation can be. I know this, I am part of the mile high club and me and my female co-pilot both did it just to say we did. With autopilot on. lol She can now get angry and say I harassed her at the workplace. Thats all it takes. I would do it with one of our flight attendants but on my flights we dont have them often.
  13. Inappropriate behavior could be having sex in the workplace, just because I have no problem with it doesnt mean their bosses dont. Some think sex is inappropriate at all times, as the religious. Inappropriate is a loaded word. His inappropriate behavior according to many is a relationship with a subordinate in the workplace. Inappropriate in the work place is not illegal. It am not allowed to talk about my salary, that is a fire-able offense deemed inappropriate. He also said not all things you heard are accurate, so are you picking and choosing what you want in his statement?
  14. Every manager at NBC had a button under their desk to lock the door...including women. Security reasons. Do all your research, not just read a Variety story. Muhahahahahahah,....muahahahahahah. I have no problem what so ever with a man in a consensual relationship drop trow in his locked office. I have no problem what so ever with a man sending a sex toy to a woman he was having a consensual relationship with. I have no problem with him having sex with coworkers if it was consensual. I have no problem with him using his fame to get laid. I do have a problem with a vindictive women like Ann Curry, using her anger and vindictiveness to use her friend (who was in this consensual relationship with Matt) to now come forward and claim harassment, seems Matt angered his past lovers recently. But I only heard all this on my flight from NYC to Miami yesterday with some people in the know. It is no secret they were involved, so I am wondering why they are not mentioning that in the media?
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