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  1. Yeah, I feel like I have noticed a trend in stuff kids are exposed to- more mention of suicide, cutting and other self-harming behaviors. Almost like it's a badge. That worries me a lot. I don't think kids are stupid enough to think life is like a video game, where you respawn. But, I fear pre-teens and teenagers lack the needed frontal lobe development to really grokk the finality of suicide. I worry about my almost 12-year-old- he is really struggling right now.
  2. I am firmly in the "No QB at #6" camp. That would just be such a mess. I am on board with one of the stud WRs, even Pitts at 6, or trade back and get more picks. So many holes to fill. Call this season a wash and get some young, talented players the playing time. Give Hurts a chance to prove himself and bring in a low-key vet back up.
  3. I'll second that! It's the best sauce I ever had. Sorry, mom. EDIT: pro tip, they carry it at Sam's club, and it's about half the price as regular stores.
  4. I'll see your lavender, and raise you rose or rosewater. Best, mandarin orange
  5. a Farraday cage, a couple external hard drives dowloaded with tons of music, literature, movies and most importantly: survival/first aid/building/repair/animal husbandry/engineering/whatever else resources you can find. Also, a couple laptops and one of those modulators that smooths out the electrical current from generators or solar power.
  6. I agree with you, too. This deal is way more in line with his performance from last year. His contract won't even be that bad, from the Colts' perspective. What does it make him, the 15th to 19th highest paid QB? (I read that somewhere, could be way off). The whole media crapstorm of rumors, especially the Bears offering a 1st, set expectations too high for the fans. I'm just frustrated with the way Howie handled this whole mess, And, it looks like he is untouchable for some reason, because Lurie always has his back. Even after the mistake of a contract Howie dealt Wentz and the horribl
  7. It's a horrible deal, given the context of how the last few years played out. And it was a self-created mess by the GM/owner. The way they handled Wentz from jump street was a textbook case study in how NOT to manage a franchise. Carson bears some culpability, too. But how much and the extent of it will never go public. I won't wish ill on him; he seems like a genuinely decent guy, but I'll be sick to my stomach if he turns it around and has a successful career with the Colts.
  8. Cox, Brandon Graham, Barnett, maybe Slay. They are trying to trade Ertz, but any interested team will just wait until they release him.
  9. Good lord, Howie is turrible. This deal is bad, next year's 1st round is valued as a 2nd. So, things got so bad they unloaded their franchise QB and ate $30-somethingM for a 3rd and a 2nd? Looks like they get the basement of the craptacular NFCE for a couple years, guaranteed.
  10. The butler's lambo doesn't have snow chains.
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