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  1. I had to look this up. I hate it with the intensity of 2,000,000,000 suns. And all milennial/GenZ influencers.
  2. I binged season 8 in 2 days, thanks to you guys. Raj 🤣
  3. So, this whole story was just Schefter deciding he didn't want to wait any longer to post it? So, he puts it out on draft day like it is breaking news and the 49ers are imminently offering a deal with draft pick swaps? Schefter has zero credibility left, now. He is nothing but a hack, clickbait-chasing TMZ gossip columnist.
  4. I was just about to post a link to this article. 100,000 people with a >60% two-dose vaccination rate. 500 new cases, 1,000 active cases with roughly 333 of the active cases vaccinated people. Interesting to note that majority of the vaccines are SinoPharm (China) and Covaxin (India) inactivated virus. Couple of things this makes me wonder: Could it be a quality control issue- several lots of botched/ineffective vaccine? Could it be the efficacy of the inactivated virus is lower than expected? 79% and 86%, respectively. What was the severity of the disease in the people
  5. Never even knew Kyle Brandt had a show like that- I watched the whole interview. I like Rodgers a lot more after watching that. He is a thoughtful guy. Thanks for posting that, Joe.
  6. I have no idea. Epidemiologists would know better than me, but my biggest fear is that this virus is going to become a seasonal thing that keeps circulating and we have flare-ups every year, like flu season. I still have roughly 15 years until retirement, and this makes me want to get away from direct patient care.
  7. Herd immunity probably not going to happen I don't want to make this political, but this pisses me off and breaks my heart. We are an entitled, stupid society of crybabies and idiots. I am completely awestruck that America went from the eradication of polio in the 50's to the weird, tinfoil hat reactions to a revolutionary vaccine technology during COVID. We are doomed.
  8. Gordon Jones' wife. She is beautiful. Is that his mom?
  9. Newt Gingrich making the pick for NEP? Food insecurity jokes, just way too easy
  10. Don't like that pick for DAL. They have been doing well in the draft last couple of years.
  11. Man, Goodell really making Bears fan sweat 🤣
  12. The Slim Reaper, at least he has a cool nickname
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