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  1. I am almost afraid to ask, but what is the link between homeless tent town and filming pornography? Are the homeless notorious cinematographers of smut?
  2. Cancel your garbage collection and start throwing all your bags in his garbage bin. Profit.
  3. I figured you were, but wasn't sure. I've seen some cooking shows where they made carpaccio out of weirder things than pork.
  4. serious, clark? I thought wild boar still runs the risk of tricinosis? Never had swine carpaccio. I’d try it. Love me some swine.
  5. 11-12 year old boy in 6th grade in Northern California. We were full-time distance learning from March 2020 up until April, then 2 days a week in person. Then full-time the last 6 weeks of school. The full distance learning was awful. My kid struggled badly. It was obvious the teachers were struggling, too. My kid just couldn't pay attention for a full school day, while sitting in front of a computer. He would get tempted to surf the internet and was constantly downloading apps and not pay attention. His level of engagement was horrible. He would constantly turn off his camera, assignment
  6. Haven't had those in years. They are delicious. Always makes me sing the song, though.
  7. 😅 haha, he is not wearing any clothes.
  8. I love to cook. I love to cook high even more. I love to eat high most of all.
  9. a Grüben: Had some smoked beef sausages from Sam’s. Popped open a jar of sauerkraut and heated it up with some added caraway and celery seed. sliced the sausage lengthwise super thin and sauteed in the cast iron skillet. homemade 1000 island with mayo, sour cream, ketchup, dijon, diced capers and cornishons, hot sauce and worcestershire. Throw it all in a flour tortilla with Muenster cheese and sear in the cast iron with butter.
  10. I can't say definitively, but I think so. It didn't particularly look like your videos to me, but I think the only way to prove it's not an accurate representation is to post a new Eat Off video.
  11. Can anybody give a breakdown in laymen's terms what the significance of the furrin cleavage site means for determining zoonotic vs. lab origins in Covid? They quoted one virologist in the Vanity Fair article as saying it was "the smoking gun", but it is over my head.
  12. GM needs a perm, that is a great look
  13. Voted Carson. My brother and I shared a room and had one of the little Black & White TVs in our room. We would stay up late and turn on Carson. I was only like 8-9 years old, but I remember howling with laughter at some of his interviews. Rickles, Bob Newhart, Charles Grodin, Rodney Dangerfield, so many guests that would absolutely kill on his show. All the great comedians he had on, that launched to superstardom on his show. I am heading down the rabbit hole of old interviews, as soon as I finish posting. Nobody ever did it better than Carson. He was one of those guys that made everyone a
  14. In honor of Lt. Junior Grade, Grant "Jack" C. Young @ChiefD
  15. Little bit of a hop, but stuck the landing, eventually
  16. I had to look this up. I hate it with the intensity of 2,000,000,000 suns. And all milennial/GenZ influencers.
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