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  1. Cali. This was on the Rite Aid site, taken from the recent press release on 2/18, talking about the distribution to pharmacies: “Under this program, which begins today, federal health authorities determine the allocation of doses, WHILE STATE AND LOCAL JURISDICTIONS CONTINUE TO DEFINE THEIR OWN ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.” I mean, that seems a little loopholey to me.
  2. Howler monkeys will literally #### on you given the chance. We pulled over to take a piss under some trees in an area that otherwise had no surrounding forest canopy nearby. We were surprised to hear something above and wandered around for a look. They were being quiet at first. But once they knew we were trying to get a closer look, they grew more and more restless, and the howling started. The group then gathered closer together right above us and I #### you not, started crapping. One by one. Plop. Plop. Two plops, then more. We did not realize what was falling at first, like
  3. Please troll the Russian some more and post results. Thank you very much!
  4. Not if Sheriff Villanueva is a fan and you basically have a key to the city. Appears those possibilities were squashed early on, no? Not sure, was it brought up? But would going after the hometown hero be good for his career? Or bad? Say, does anybody know if Villanueva made the hour drive to that presser in Lomita he had to get on, or if he took a chopper in? I know he couldn't leave from his home, after the uncovering of a heli-pad he got caught building next to it.
  5. It doesn't matter because they were prescribed. We'll call it trace. All I know is it wasn't alcohol and I can't remember anything.
  6. Crenshaw is definitely more fun and more challenging. Hawthorne is child's play. And at least Crenshaw has a median you can't obliterate like Tiger did and end up in oncoming traffic (so lucky). I raced a friend down Crenshaw once. Wasn't planned but he pulled up to me in his brand new BMW M Series and looked over. I was driving a friend's IRoc-Z 350, which I had promised not to race. We were side by side just below St. John Fischer when we ended up at a red light on Crestridge. Of course it was on. I was in the outside lane and took him off the line, which wasn't surprising gi
  7. That will happen. But what also will happen (probably already) is the various forms of non-believers will say they've been vaccinated. Masks are going to start coming off in droves methinks. By summer anyway.
  8. So for Moderna, two weeks after your first shot and you're at 50%. 3-4 weeks put you around what? And then 2 weeks after your 2nd shot, you're good, right? I'm trying to gauge/plan interactions this next 6 weeks. There is a false sense of security after the first shot, for sure. Also wondering if Moderna isn't just being extra cautions in their overall guidelines, seeing as how the two vaccines are so similar. Pfizer's timelines are faster.
  9. My biggest fear was any sort of backlash with the rollout. Some deaths or harsh reactions all over the news, anything for the press to run with and give people pause. But thankfully, save for a few hiccups, folks are mostly lining up for it. And still nothing "tragic" or really concerning, so good. There are loopholes in who is eligible, for sure, and if one is diligent in seeking out a way to get the shot, it can be done. I also love seeing people chomping at the bit for extras that are/were going to waste. It's a good path we're on and if you would've told me where we'd be -- in AL
  10. There is an unbiased review on youtube of the RIdge vs cheaper models. It's worth finding and he goes into detail (deficiencies in the knock-offs, material quality, etc.). Things that are not easily seen/noticed upon purchase. Technical things like the edges of these wallets, which matter in removing your cards more easily make a difference. You'd never notice that buying online. I removed the money clip (easily) with a tool that comes with it. You can always put it back on. Didn't like the bulkiness of it. I also have always preferred cash in one pocket by itself (with one of thos
  11. Sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about. Now you're pointing to the "one guy in particular who lives on the street"? BTW, nobody lives ON the street where the actual crash was, but he got on "the news" though! The homes are off a street called Blackhorse, in neighborhoods, but whatever. You are getting your stories from the media blitz. It's litter. This is like me telling you I know more about a street you've used every week for a decade because I heard this or that from TMZ. I know exactly where he went off, I drove that road daily for a long time. Do you know who get
  12. Brother, I've been down that road hundreds of times, literally. It's a cakewalk. But apparently you and "other people" on the "radio/news" seem to be the experts. All-aged drivers have been using it for like 50 years to go to work in the morning. It's the main artery in and off that hill. A ton of cars use it daily. None of them are driving straight off it, no skid marks to boot, on a clear and dry as a bone Tuesday morning.
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