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  1. I take that part about the bullet ant back. At least compared to the Giant Desert Centipede. THIS GUY (19 million views) goes around getting bitten and stung by anything and everything. It was the first time he ever requested medical help, for any of them. And that was 30 HOURS IN, which is nuts if you think about it. He describes the pain as searing and in waves. Endless and not isolated. He put it up there with a Gila Monster as worst ever. But that was for initial pain I believe, before he finally waived the white flag for medical attention the next day. I've heard some can tak
  2. Centipedes are brutal. They're no bullet ant but that sting can be at least as bad as a scorpion. Worse, depending.
  3. Awesome. My 89 year old mother still won't do it due to crazy immune system responses to meds in her life. And the fact her brother had bad responses to flu vaccines (twice, then never took it again). We mentioned Hawaii for her 90th in June. Loves Hawaii. NO! A nice mountain lake we used to go to growing up (sentimental). NOPE. A closer (no flight) beach rental home with family only. NO! A nice party w/ friends at her home. NO, I don't want any fanfare! I then suggested that if she took the JnJ vax (she trusts them from some marketing 50 years ago), we would go to Vega
  4. The only time I really got screwed there was my first. When I returned the rental car. A bait n switch thing that I went to the mat to get out of but with a plane leaving soon, I ran out of time. Other than that, nothing much more than corporations in the states try and pull on you (who maybe are a little "better" at concealing it is all). Ticos are wonderful.
  5. Cali. This was on the Rite Aid site, taken from the recent press release on 2/18, talking about the distribution to pharmacies: “Under this program, which begins today, federal health authorities determine the allocation of doses, WHILE STATE AND LOCAL JURISDICTIONS CONTINUE TO DEFINE THEIR OWN ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.” I mean, that seems a little loopholey to me.
  6. Howler monkeys will literally #### on you given the chance. We pulled over to take a piss under some trees in an area that otherwise had no surrounding forest canopy nearby. We were surprised to hear something above and wandered around for a look. They were being quiet at first. But once they knew we were trying to get a closer look, they grew more and more restless, and the howling started. The group then gathered closer together right above us and I #### you not, started crapping. One by one. Plop. Plop. Two plops, then more. We did not realize what was falling at first, like
  7. Please troll the Russian some more and post results. Thank you very much!
  8. Not if Sheriff Villanueva is a fan and you basically have a key to the city. Appears those possibilities were squashed early on, no? Not sure, was it brought up? But would going after the hometown hero be good for his career? Or bad? Say, does anybody know if Villanueva made the hour drive to that presser in Lomita he had to get on, or if he took a chopper in? I know he couldn't leave from his home, after the uncovering of a heli-pad he got caught building next to it.
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