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  1. Won a unit on that but lost 5 on the favorite parlay. Oh well. I will get it back and then some on Rock Your World in the Derby.
  2. The Ducks hate the Kings though, no? They might've given up on the season but tonight would be an exception I think.
  3. Should I leave the Kings off that parlay? 3 teams is pushing it, no?
  4. BTW, ended up sitting next to Frank Thomas at the bar last night at Barry's (steak house). Went in for a late dinner and he and some friends were having drinks. The hostess had to find a spot for me and there was literally only one, next to him. Cool guy. He was making jokes about whoever Green Bay's pick was (can't remember), having a hot girlfriend but losing her to the cold He said no f'n way will she live there, lol. Anyway, he's cool, I didn't bother him much, nice guy. Looks great for his age and didn't blow up like you'd think. He stood up though and man, he is a big ####er.
  5. No preference on sport, facook. Actually, we will be watching the Vegas Knights tonight from some table at Player's Locker (sp?). I guess some of the players own it. A friend who lives here has lots of hook ups. Anyway, I'd rather not bet against them. I would love to bet some props on that game actually. Circa has a bunch of them. Not sure how to list them here.
  6. Almost forgot. Denver is 22-1 to win the Superbowl here. I'm assuming it dropped with all the Rodgers talk. Has it dropped that much everywhere?
  7. Decided to stay another night at Circa. Nicest sports book and pool "stadium" sports book I've ever seen. The screens are massive and everywhere you look. The way the seating is set up indoor and out is theater-like, or stadium as they call it. Tiered and big nice seats with spacious areas instead of the packed houses of older sports books. It's well done for sure. This is a sports gambler's dream. I made one big bet yesterday and lost. I would like a pick for tonight, if one of you feels strongly about something. Thanks.
  8. What I would like to know is if the plan is for SurII to head to Green Bay as part of an eventual deal. I don't follow this stuff closely so I'm just curious if deals behind closed doors like that are even allowed? I would've thought, no. The reason I ask is I read somewhere that SurII was Green Bay's highest-rated defensive player, thus lending some credence to all this trade/deal talk.
  9. What do you mean? He's a big Broncos beat guy, no? He wouldn't tweet something this big out, flippantly.
  10. Fair enough. And I very much respect your opinion.
  11. Huh? I'm a Chargers fan, and I LOVE our pick btw. I'm just fascinated by the Rodgers story is all -- ever since Jordan Love was taken, really, but especially now. Add in the fact that super connected FBG Lammey re-tweeted it out to the world, I'm thinking there may be a little more smoke coming from that pipe dream you talked about.
  12. You really think the amount of time under center tipped the scales when deciding on picking the most talented QB? You're buying that stuff??
  13. Thanks for the reply. But if there's any truth to the Rodgers rumors, SurII was the play there. A tackle would've been good, but I don't think there was near the certainty at that position, after Penei was gone. And they obviously weren't totally convinced on Parsons.
  14. If the Rodgers to Denver rumor is true I think the Broncos very happily grab Penei. Wow.
  15. Oh sorry, I'm not on Twitter. Then Schlereth's whiff. Whoever is saying it may just want their twitter blown up, no? I mean is that 15 million hit not true, or is there a work around that? I can't imagine Schlereth, Lammey, whomever, not knowing that. They must. So the reporting of it and re-reporting of it better have some juice behind it.
  16. If Lammey whiffs on something like this, WOW.
  17. No, I'm not there yet. I tried to find them on Draftkings but not being a customer, I couldn't even get to the page. Just checked with my friend who has an acct/app with William Hill. Says there is nothing up. Damn. Hoping there's something, anything draft-related to wager on when I get there. I'll post if so, would love some advice.
  18. I think Teddy and Lock battle it out while whatever QB (if) they draft learns. If Lock ends up proving something, he becomes trade bait. Or if he does more than that (unlikely), they could actually move that top pick I'd imagine. If they do go QB, it'll be nice to see an actual QB battle while also not having another young gun thrown right into the fire yet again.
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