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  1. I just PMd @comfortably numb my numbers, should I add them using the link?
  2. Always thought Jake Gyllenhall was a pretty damn good actor with a lot of range. This role gave him a lot to work with and I though he crushed it. His ability to transition from the Hero Persona to his Villian Persona was seamless.
  3. I would say yes, give a try and see if you feel any difference. I bought a flower strain that has a small percentage of CBD and is still mostly THC but it did feel pretty physically relaxing. Its still new to me so I am still researching the effects.
  4. Wow, massive tournament. Sounds awesome. One of these years I'll make my way out there for a low buy in tourney. Let us know if you end up having a deep run.
  5. finished with 29,500. Good Luck!! Big 50? How many tournaments are you planning on playing?
  6. Not worried about needing to pee as I've got 2 showing scheduled - tomorrow @ 9pm and next Sunday in a Dolby theater. I will drink as much Coke Zero as I damn well please.
  7. AMC's servers are completely overloaded. Trying to lock down tickets but the app and website keep giving me error codes. ETA: Fandango is working but now getting loooong wait times.
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