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  1. Could not sit on the sidelines any longer. Took the plunge and bought a modest 10 shares of GME at the open. To the mooooon! YOLO. Diamond hands and all that.
  2. It's been like forever that we've seen a President not argue and be so combative during the Q & A. He really is trying to phrase his responses tactfully, he even said as much.
  3. The timing of calling this is perfect. A beautiful Saturday morning at 11 am eastern and the whole nation is tuned in. Maybe prime time Friday would have been preferred, but it's going to be a good weekend.
  4. The end of this SNL skit is appropriate https://youtu.be/Th5uVIhQ8VY?t=247
  5. This is no time to take the foot off the gas. Time to run up the score.
  6. "It's amazing that these mail in ballots are so one sided." Well yea, you told your supporters not to do mail in ballots. C'mon man.
  7. He started with something along the lines of "If we count legal votes, I won. If we count illegal votes, they're tying to steal the election."
  8. King is awesome. Day 1 one was him for hours straight into the wee hours of the morning. Riveting TV.
  9. AZ & NV are a nail biters. Hoping PA gets called in Biden's favor and we can close this one out. Is tonight asking for too much? Count those votes! Count those votes!
  10. This is the episode right before the finale and I have no idea how it is all going to end.
  11. Americans are REALLY engaged. Embrace it man, it's awesome.
  12. "stop counting votes" might be one of the most un-American statement ever.
  13. The betting line swings have been crazy. I was able to get some money in on Biden +260, wish I put in a bit more. This is a tight race though, hopefully the VP wins the states he's currently leading in.
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