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  1. There is no draft, waivers, or trades. All 50 owners have access to start any player in the NFL. Heres the catch: You can only start a player ONCE from Weeks 1-16. Lineups are hidden until kickoff of player's game as multiple owners will be starting a same player. The regular seasons ends at the conclusion of Week 12 games. Only 20 of the 50 owners make the playoffs. Scores revert back to zero at beginning of playoffs (i.e. Weeks 1-12 are to get you into playoffs then we only count Weeks 13-16 for prizes paid 8 places). Additionally, you cannot start a player in the playoffs that you
  2. If Godwin out with hammy Sat Week 16 does that enhance Perriman value ?
  3. Re Vegas Auction. We can put you on waiting list for month or so. Looking for committed owners to participate in Vegas next year as well.

  4. Saw your had interest in our Vegas auction. You can text me with any question.



  5. think i remember u from Hamstring Heroes. Thought u be interested in Pick Em league. 



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