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  1. Earlier this offseason, I was offered his Flacco, Ingram, and Enunwa for my Mariota, LeVeon, and Hilton. He claimed that Enunwa would have a "blow out" year, Flacco and Mariota are even, and that LeVeon is old. So I countered with Mariota, Bilal Powell, and Treadwell for Rodgers, Jordan Howards, and Davante Adams. He said, "Come on? I'm trying to be reasonable." That was the end of that.
  2. I emailed a guy to inquire about Stefon Diggs (after week 2 when he had finished he second good game), and he promptly replied that he would accept nothing less than Antonio Brown or OBJ PLUS OTHER PIECES. He said, "This is Diggs' league now. Brown's best days are behind him and OBJ was a flash in the pan. Diggs is now the best WR in the NFL." Needless to say, we didn't get anything done.
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