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  1. I don't see Marvel replicating what they were able to do with the 23 movies they did make. No way a story could be as good and as smooth as the Infinity one. Now, Marvel/Disney is in it for the money by pumping up Disney+ and all of these crossovers. Too much is going to be too much.
  2. Here's another alternative view on a different movie. However, this one is more intriguing, imo.
  3. Tony Stark is alive. It was on Reddit but the thought is that Tony Stark put himself into an computer type program. Think Ultron. Think Jarvis. Maybe in the five years Tony Stark put his intelligence into a holographic type (Obi-Wan) being. The thought came from the end of Endgame as he was making eye-contact with the people in the room while, seemingly, making eye-contact with his daughter Morgan even though the hologram had been "taped" much earlier. Apparently there is precedence in the comics as well. Or, think of his dad's statements about how he, Howard, was prevented from making th
  4. I've come to the conclusion that Disney and Sony owe the fans to have Spiderman in the MCU. The relationship needs to be symbiotic in nature. Marvel saved Spiderman's reputation due to Sony's crap. Marvel needs Spiderman due to the role they developed for him. Sony needs to have Spiderman in the MCU because they have shown to be crap with the character. If Spiderman is out, then I'm out. The only Sony product I will buy may be the new Playstation so I can play The Last of Us: Part 2. Disney... bye.
  5. I'd like to think Sony will be wiser this time around... then, I realize it's Sony. Marvel just sped up production on The Fantastic Four with this news today.
  6. Was it ever confirmed that the 2023 Steve Rogers told Peggy Carter that he was from the future? It'd be alarming to her to have another Steve in 2011 or whatever or was she already forgetful by the time he reappeared? At the beginning of that video she seems coherent and "coached" to not alarm that Steve Rogers but I don't know.
  7. Whenever Anna Paquin wants to reprise her role as Rogue as the true leader of the X-Men, fine, but not till 2028 at the earliest.
  8. Marvel, like their trailers, are throwing a curve ball. Hemsworth is with the Guardians and Portman is on Earth. Book it!
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