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  1. Yeah, I didn’t say that. Quit misrepresenting my written words.
  2. My take on Socialism? I’ve used evidence and facts about what, and who, is Socialist around the world. Way over the line? I find repeated misinformation and deflection to be way over the line. When will and who will call out and shut down repeated attempts of misinformation and deflection? Anger, if any, should be directed at the falsehoods that are willfully expressed. I could express more but I’m on mobile but my train of thought right now is ripe with irony.
  3. I mentioned no names and did not insinuate anything. I have, however, stated my peace and facts to back them up, if you care to read my posts. What is not good is the continued reflections and misinformation presented. All opinions do not deserve equal time. Now, I’m going to go drink some caffeine since that is my drug of choice.
  4. Please, inform me, what statements have I written that are inaccurate? I’ve pointed out a few of yours, what are mine.
  5. I’ve been nothing but accurate by using sources, linked and not linked, to back up my statements. Unfortunately, you have refused to do so yourself. While I may not bat 1.000, I’m doing much better than the 0.167 (1/6) you’re doing.
  6. I haven’t read anyone defending the merits of Socialism. I have read, and written, about the need for accuracy. Some have also advocated for accuracy while others, like yourself, are discussing in a foreign language.
  7. I love that you posted this because, as I pointed out before, only one of the six countries you believe to be Socialist is Socialist. You are either misinterpreting what a Socialist country is or are passing along the misinformation that you have been told previously. Please, again, refrain from the misinformation rhetoric.
  8. So... if "The Community" is the government... and Socialism abides by The Community (which is The Government), and The Community owns and regulates things... wouldn't America be considered a Socialist Government then? Otherwise, your post makes zero sense but good luck feeling gaslighted, I guess. I had to look that up, btw.
  9. "Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole." Please discuss honestly with the proper meanings of words and not some made up definition that you appear to have in your mind. @The Commish and others have attempted to have a genuine discussion tonight but have been met with flat out refusal to acknowledge simple facts of the matter. Please bring honest discussion to the table.
  10. Quick Google search, top listing. Some of the highlighted countries in the picture are pretty damn good. Oddly enough, one of those countries is one that someone wants to buy. Also, oddly enough, of the SIX you listed, only ONE of them is considered to fall under the guise of "Democratic Socialist." So, either you have the definition of what you are talking about incorrect, or the people you are listening to are misinforming you of the information they are presenting. You choose. Capitalist countries from the same webpage. Oddly enough, most of the countries in the first map overlap in the second map. So, again, the two can co-exist in one country to the benefit of all within that country. On the flip side, the Capitalist map further does show, if one knows of the other countries, that inequality also exists within Capitalist countries. So, again, either you are being misinformed by the people you listen to, or you are choosing to not use the proper definitions of the words of which we speak.
  11. I quoted you the definition of Socialism. It's Wikipedia but a Socialist State is maybe the definition you are looking for. AOC and Bernie use the Nordic countries model, I guess. Those countries are Capitalist with Social programs that they'd like to adopt here. Again, like my previous posts, let us use the language and correct comparisons to have a valid discussion. The only people shouting on tv/radio about Socialism and Venezuela are, like previously posted, fear-mongering people that do not want to have a genuine discussion. Please, stop listening to these people as they are not your friends nor are they looking out for the country they say they are looking out for.
  12. You are distorting the meaning of why Jim Jones was used. Again, a cult leader, Jim Jones, would be in awe of the following that Trump has. The, apparent, fact you are bothered by the use of the word/name Jim Jones is confusing to me but whatever. Why does his name bother you? Sit on the couch and tell me.
  13. That is the thing here. No one is talking about implementing Socialist policies so the distortion of the meanings of words is happening and has been happening... from FOX news and many Republicans. Use the words with their meanings correctly, thank you.
  14. Care to elaborate. Your statements are blanket statements with little to no meat behind them. I am not talking about Socialism at all. I'm attempting to describe what a Republic is. "Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole." I have not discussed changing the means of production in America, distribution of goods, or exchanges. Nor have I discussed how the community should regulate these things as a whole. That is what Socialism is and I have not heard Bernie or AOC discuss these things in a manner that they want to change these in America. Can we use the words and meanings of those words equally as we have agreed to what those words mean? Thank you.
  15. Reread please. No one called anyone a "Jim Jones like cultist." Jim Jones would be in awe though.
  16. Jim Jones comparison? Is that how you read that? I used Jim Jones in an analogous manner, such as, Jim Jones is a cult leader that had followers that would abide by every word of his. He would be in awe of the following that Trump has and the amount of people that blindly follow Trump's words. To compare Jim Jones to Trump would be to list examples of their similarities and differences. I did no such thing nor did I attempt to compare either. So, try again. The last few years FOX news and others have attempted to paint the word "Socialist" to also mean "Democrat". Those two words do not mean the same thing so to imply that I am a Socialist, well, your implication is incorrect. To then elicit what you do with the whole Democratic Socialist mantra is, well, what Republicans have been painting for awhile now. You, and others, may be to far gone to realize how bad changing the meaning of words has been done by the people you listen to. People like AOC see the policies of America for the reality that she and others see it. The recent/current policies tax the working class more than the rich. Those tax dollars are then given to the rich and not used for the working class. Progressives like AOC simply want tax dollars to be used for services that will allow the working class to live healthy, well educated, free, lives, and not witness the disparity between the working class and rich grow wider. Who would have ever thought that using tax dollars, not on the rich, but to provide for the people who pay the tax dollars would be a bad thing? Who would have thought thinking of the future, instead of only today, would be a bad thing? That is how Republicans have and will continue to govern, it seems. Like about 100 years ago, there needs to be a new Progressive movement where the taxes paid are used for the tax payers. Get on board because actions/statements by individuals like yourself seem to be okay with disparities in our country, homelessness in our country, illness in our country, and bailouts of rich people who would rather see you die young then live a healthy life. Jim Jones would be in awe at your, and others, blind loyalty to your desire to live a shorter, unhealthier life than what should be available to us.
  17. I read it and it just reaffirms how much Kool-Aid the Republican Party has been giving to their backers. Jim Jones is in awe of the following. The Catholic Church wishes they could have this kind of following again.
  18. I thought most people knew this though. The many times Republicans tell the public to wait for the courts, the Republicans are using the same tactics as other talking points they pimp out. Especially these "cases" about having people testify. There is no time delay. There is no motion or investigation that needs to occur. The courts delay has been a silent play that hasn't been talked about much. It's amazing to me that people think a court hearing about people testifying after getting served a subpoena would take weeks. Um, no, that is a one, maybe two, day process.
  19. Here we get more words of wisdom from Lindsay Graham. Follow the rules.
  20. I would like a virtual pinball machine featuring: - The Addams Family - The X-Files - Terminator 2 - Funhouse And, I'm probably missing a couple but when can I expect this to happen?
  21. What areas is your family in, in America? Any assistance, reach out... if anyone is able to do so.
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