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  1. These last few pages are depressing. Can we just sideline the political discourse for a bit and celebrate this huge win? A win for our country. A win for the scientists who developed these vaccines. A win for everyone who have worked so hard to get us to this point. A win for everyone. The fight is far from over but now is the time for the choreographed TD dance and everyone should be joining in. Be happy and proud of what we’ve done.
  2. Don’t know the details yet but Safeway/Albertsons/etc are launching a 2 pack rapid test for like $25. Our previous attempt was worthless, like $135 for a mail-in kit that takes 4-5 days but this seems really good.
  3. Pending the emergence of a resistant variant, yes. As soon as Pfizer and Moderna came back with their 95% effectiveness, this was expected. I didn’t believe it would happen this quickly but here we are.
  4. It should encourage some but it won’t. The message should be that the vaccine works so well that we can take the masks off. The message received will be that masks aren’t needed. It’s unlikely that anywhere will ask you to prove your vaccination status when you’re not wearing a mask so there’s not really a strong incentive for those who were already against getting vaccinated.
  5. No. The point of wearing the mask in public is reducing the chances of bringing it home. I went to extreme lengths during the peak of the pandemic to reduce the chances of bringing it back to my family but never considered wearing a mask inside around my own family. Is that what you think people have been doing?
  6. Definitely a concern but not surprising. Clinical trials were conducted in a time when everyone was taking more precautions. They compare the infections of the control and test groups to determine the effectiveness. But the one thing they can’t control is the viral exposure. Now people are taking more risks especially after vaccination for good reason. With this many coaches testing positive, there’s a strong likelihood that whoever is patient zero gave them a hardy exposure with no masks or distancing. Viral load can play an important part of how quickly the antibodies can stop the virus
  7. No I think he’s talking about continuing to wear a mask in public because if he got it, he would spread it to his daughters. At least that’s how I read it.
  8. If I were 100% sure that behavior of unvaccinated people would only affect those who choose not to get vaccinated, I wouldn’t care what they do or if they get vaccinated. Let them learn the benefits of vaccines the hard way. With that little bit of wiggle room that the vaccine leaves I’m still gonna take some precautions that others may not. I may still wear a mask in crowded areas and while around large groups of strangers even after it’s no longer recommended for vaccinated individuals. But that’s just me. I wouldn’t expect others to follow the same standards and I wouldn’t want th
  9. Read what I wrote, I’m not saying that patient zero didn’t came from the lab, in fact I’ve always thought it was likely. What I’m saying is that the initial super spreader event happened at the wet market even if patient zero wasn’t there. The most likely scenario is that patient zero came from the lab and unknowingly spread the virus for weeks, possibly months before the super spreader event at the wet market. How much and when the Chinese government knew is up in the air and we’ll probably never know.
  10. I don’t think the lab leak has been dismissed as a fringe conspiracy theory. It being man-made or released certainly was but I’ve also thought that the initial spread coming from the lab was a realistic possibility that doesn’t change that the massive spread begun in the wet market.
  11. It will be widely available the moment we get the thumbs up. My boss is picking up doses for every Safeway/Albertsons in the metro area for walk-in doses. If you have any problems finding it, let me know, we plan on having it readily available at our pharmacy.
  12. Large gatherings in large places. Big box stores offer many services in one place. Image if it was flipped and only the small businesses were open. You may need to go to 5 different stores to get everything you needed. And since the big box stores were closed everyone else is trying crowd into these much smaller stores. Social distancing would be impossible and capacity restrictions would be extremely restrictive. Now imagine that you find out your COVID positive and just went to those 5 stores in a crowded environment during a time when masks were not readily available. Not everything is
  13. Chains already had the mitigation ability built in. The big box stores have the bigger square footage, higher ceilings and better ventilation already. They have the capacity to run at 25% and still have a significant amount of customers. For restaurants, many of the chains already had drive-thru or delivery service setup. Their size and resources made the transition into restrictions much easier and safer than the family owned places. Restrictions weren’t picking on the little guys, it’s just that the big guys were setup to succeed in this environment.
  14. I think it depends on the setting giving the shot. It’s the ACIP specifically that we are waiting on. My understanding is that the FDA approves it to be given, the ACIP then gives the authorization of who it can be given by, specifically in this case, pharmacies. Generally pharmacies can give certain vaccines without prescription and that’s determined by ACIP recommendations for each vaccine and age group. Other vaccines are approved but can only be given with a prescription from a doctor. In this case it’s just needless semantics. Technically until that recommendation comes in, phar
  15. We’re expecting approval any day. We’re shifting doses of Pfizer to all locations to make it available everywhere because most of our stores aren’t giving it currently. I’d expect many chains to do the same thing. With demand slowing to a crawl, it’s going to be important to be a location that can say yes to all the phone calls. I’d recommend finding a place that has Pfizer and ask if they will give you a call once it’s approved. Most will be happy to have someone to call to avoid wasting doses. Most chains have instructed stores to not worry if they have to waste doses. Better to give 1
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