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  1. I don’t get the love for DeSantis or Noem. I get that the base love them but I can’t see them winning back the suburban/moderate/independent voters that lost Trump the election. Trump’s response to the pandemic was a big reason he lost and the two biggest rising stars are maybe the only two that did worse. I get that the base think they did great but they’re not the ones who will decide in 2024. It’s like if Bernie was the candidate and he lost because he was too much of a socialist and AOC becomes the frontrunner. How does it increase their chances?
  2. Mayor Pete. He may be the face of any infrastructure programs that could garner bipartisan support creating the path to beat Harris if Biden isn’t running.
  3. If I understand it right, Texas immediately went to ‘anyone with health conditions’ after health care workers rather than progressing through the age groups. So while a higher risk 40 year old might be eligible now, there might be a lot of people older than 65 who haven’t gotten their shot yet. But again I could be wrong based on the limited research I did to help my mother in law find her shot.
  4. It’s time to add Disgraced and Former to his current title.
  5. Some observations from the last couple of days at work. I asked the communications director to poll residents at the retirement community I’ve done COVID vaccine clinics at to get an idea of how many have been vaccinated or trying to. She got about 1000 responses with 70% vaccinated, 13% still trying to schedule and 17% not interested. I thought those were pretty positive results in a very red area. Also had a few interesting interactions with patients receiving the vaccine including a couple that believe COVID is fake and a full-on anti-vaxxer that were still getting vaccinated to p
  6. I’ve actually seen quite a few, some before it was even publicly suggested. But a lot of my customers are from an elderly community that has been hit hard recently.
  7. While true that it happens and it’s not fully understood why, one theory that COVID causes severe damage in most but those with a healthy immune system are able to compensate and show minimal symptoms. The damage is still there leading to long hauler symptoms and permanent damage. Likewise the vaccine still has a lot of long term questions. It’s believed that the vaccine won’t prevent getting infected but it will allow the immune system to stop the infection from progressing to the point where it causes serious symptoms. So far studies have shown decreases in deaths, severe illness and sy
  8. Neither vaccine is proving to have high incidence of allergic reactions. I think one study showed under 100 for each one out of millions of shots given. With a history of severe reaction to vaccines, I’d recommend talking it over with her doctor first and get their recommendation. I’d also try to get the vaccine in a more controlled clinic setting rather than a pharmacy or mass vaccination site. We’re keeping an eye on everyone but with her history, I’d want a little bit more.
  9. The ‘not dying’ is a little too simplistic but considering the reduction of severe illness and hospitalizations is more important than the percentage effective. It’s not as great but still great in terms of what really matters on the goal of returning to normal. Give two doses to medium-high risk people - anyone 55+, high risk health conditions or high exposure jobs. Everyone else give Johnson and Johnson or consider delaying the second dose of Moderna/Pfizer.
  10. I’ll see if I can find a link but there was journalist who has covered Trump rallies extensively in the crowds. She was in the ‘high-five’ crowd and didn’t even know about anything else that was happening until hearing the reports later.
  11. Exactly what I’d hope most places would do. We keep employees separate off the schedule and just fit them in when we have no shows or extra doses once they are in their window.
  12. I could be wrong but I highly doubt NY is booked April 16th, it may just look that way. Our system is the same way but we only book one week ahead. With the supply like it is now, we barely can guarantee through the next week and preparing for even more uncertainty. With delays from the storm a lot of places are catching up on rescheduled appointments before putting new ones out.
  13. I’d say that we’re seeing very little other than the natural progression after the holidays. I guess it could have gotten worse if Trump won and everyone completely gave up but we’d probably be in the same spot with Trump. The upcoming months will start to show any difference the Biden administration and vaccinations have made with the spread of variants thrown in as well.
  14. They could put that in a plea agreement only to have Trump ignore it and keep it tied up in court while he runs again. Does anyone think the GOP would do anything to stop him? He’s a private citizen, treat him like one and go aggressively down whatever path the evidence takes you. Probably won’t matter anyway as I’m sure he’s made sealed pardons that we will find out about once him and his family are charged.
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