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  1. This is my biggest hesitation to going back. Right now we’re choosing to stay remote. Our daughter is in kindergarten and I know she will do better in person. I’m comfortable with her going back in person now that I’m vaccinated and they are back offering in person learning. But she’s had a consistent teacher online the entire time. The one week that she had one of the other teachers she hated it. Put her back in person and she’ll have another teacher and always have that risk of going back and forth. I was going to try and convince my wife that we should do it but I think a few more months of
  2. Arizona removed all capacity restrictions. We never had a state mask mandate but I think we’re about to see a huge increase in people ignoring the county and city mandates. Yay, guess the pandemic is over with!
  3. This was specifically a poll of the residents at the retirement community we’ve been working to vaccinate.
  4. I’m all for relaxing restrictions soon but not yet. We’re so close that we have to find a screw it up. Today I did second COVID shots at the retirement community. A recent poll of residents showed 70% are at least partial vaccinated and another 13% are trying. Are the restrictions fully needed there? Probably not. The problem is that most places you go, you don’t have that level of vaccination. Give it a couple more months of aggressive vaccinations and many public spaces you go to will be 50%+.
  5. I’d go back to the ‘bubble’ considerations. Once every adult in your bubble is vaccinated, game on. As for others, that’s their decision. The risk is quite low at that point.
  6. J&J should IMO be used for high benefit recipients rather those with high risk factors. Groups that have high exposure risk, low morbidity risk but their vaccination brings great public benefit. Teachers fit that. Getting them vaccinated makes in person learning safer, decreases the risk of interruptions in schooling and most importantly, decreases the reasons not to go back in person. I would have prioritized them before this for the same reasons.
  7. Impeachment, recall, I’m not sure what the options are in New York.
  8. I agree with almost everything except widespread vaccination. We’re not there yet. True that we have gotten a big chunk of the high risk people but depending on where you’re at, they may not have gotten a chance. Regardless, the people most likely to take advantage of opening are not the same ones who have been vaccinated. And while I share the skepticism about the variants being anything to worry about, we really don’t know. If a variant emerges that’s able to evade the current immunizations then suddenly we have a ton of virus in the community. I do think that we can make some of t
  9. This is getting ridiculous, just get him out. Now he’s claiming he didn’t know the behavior was wrong. No you just didn’t think anyone would say anything. Can they do a recall election or is that just a California thing?
  10. The damage is done already. Most retailers don’t have enforce the mandate to avoid the confrontation. As soon as other states ‘open up’, the bad behavior will start. I’m already expecting a sharp decline and mask wearing by next week. The frustrating thing is that we are so close, now we have to hope enough have been vaccinated to avoid a huge spike. I know that my job of convincing people just got extremely difficult. I’m afraid that getting vaccinated will become a political issue and those who deem the pandemic to be over will refuse to be vaccinated.
  11. And a good chunk of the population will only wear a mask if it’s forced. My actions have little impact on level of community spread but the actions of the masses sure do.
  12. Texas opened the flood gates. By the end of next week half the states will have significantly decreased restrictions and the other half will be demanding it. It’s the summer of 2020 all over again. Good thing we will have all that vaccine that’s no one will want because they think the pandemic is over.
  13. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. 9 times out of 10 we don’t have doses leftover. We try to avoid making it a random person because every time it happens that person tells everyone that we have extra doses and you just have to ask. And then they get upset the 90% of days when we don’t have any extras. Then there are days like yesterday where we had 2 doses to give and were only able to find one person before we closed. Luckily I had to stay late and had someone who could come in so that it didn’t go to waste.
  14. Seems like a huge mistake, not just for the physical effects but it’s also broadcasting the pandemic is over. I imagine that vaccination rates will plummet when everything is allowed to go back to no restrictions. Good luck convincing the general public they need to still get the vaccine. We’re only a few months from having enough people vaccinated to realistically remove these restrictions. Instead let’s do it while most still haven’t been vaccinated and variants threaten to cause another peak in cases.
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