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  1. Drug manufacturers are evil, I don’t think there’s much argument about it. They’ve taken advantage of the government at desperate times. The government pays them by the dose. Early on Pfizer’s vaccine was 5 doses per vial. Many immunizers found early that by using good techniques and the right syringes, you could squeeze an extra dose or two out of each vial. Pfizer’s response was to start charging the government for 6 doses per vial. Moderna for some reason went from 10 dose vials to 14/15 dose vials. This all but guaranteed that waste would happen with each vial. Waste the government has already paid for. I don’t know if that was intentional or just a poor decision.
  2. Well that pharmacist is wrong if you’re talking about the COVID vaccine. We only ask for insurance for our reimbursement. Everyone gets the shot for free. ID may be that pharmacy’s policy but I’ve never required it. Earlier this week I gave vaccines at a free clinic. Almost no one had insurance, no one was asked for ID and some are very likely undocumented immigrants. If they wanted a COVID vaccine, I gave it to them. All they had to do is fill out the consent form.
  3. Not true. Only ages 12-15 are still under EUA because they don’t have enough data yet. There is no physical or legal difference, they just gave it a brand name. The FDA approved the vaccine based on the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. They approved the formulation of the drug, not the specific name. Pfizer can call it whatever they want so long as it’s the same formulation it’s FDA approved.
  4. Spot on with this topic. Part of the reason why vaccines normally take so long to get approved is to do the long term efficacy studies to nail down an effective dosing regimen. We are currently figuring that out as we go because it was so important to get people vaccinated to save lives. COVID could be like the flu and require regular booster shots. Or it could be like several other vaccines where it’s doses 0-1-6 months and give you long lasting immunity. We don’t know because we haven’t made it that far. Current data is showing that the initial dosing regimen may benefit from tweaking. J&J looks like it should have been a 2 dose shot 2 months a part. And the mRNA may have been more beneficial with the dosing spaced further apart (maybe 2 months too). Other theories like Moderna being ‘overdosed’ didn’t turn out being true as that might the reason for longer lasting immunity and effectiveness against Delta.
  5. Yet he’s on Fox and not calling them out. I bet he’s vaccinated and just this is just an ego move.
  6. This is so true along with undiagnosed blood pressure and blood sugar issues. The people who don’t believe they have underlying conditions probably don’t see their doctor regularly.
  7. I’m fine with it, I just think how they are doing it is ridiculous. If this is the way you decide approval, why go through the dog and pony show. Now we get to deal with another week of confusing messaging where news stories are saying it’s approved but it will be another 7-10 days before we can actually give them in the pharmacy. If this is how they are going to do it, just have all the groups meet at once and approve boosters on everything including mix and match. Mix and match is another thing. The data appears clear that they are beneficial and might be better than a J&J booster but probably won’t get approved because Moderna/Pfizer haven’t applied for approval.
  8. Can’t really answer your question but from some of the discussion I’ve read, the data wasn’t very compelling. Moderna produces lasting protection without a booster but they’re going to approve the booster anyway because Pfizer was already approved. It’s dumb.
  9. We’re now at about 11,000 shots at my store and beyond sore arms, short-term flu-like symptoms and ‘COVID arm’, I can think of around 5 people who have had potential adverse events: -1 person on first dose Moderna had strong pain in arm that required a doctor visit. She got her dose and plans on getting her booster. -1 person with Pfizer had a similar reaction but likely due to extremely poor immunization technique. -1 person who received Pfizer (both doses) feels that he has symptoms similar to myocarditis but he doesn’t fit the typical profile, is well past his vax date and hasn’t been examined by a doctor. -1 person who received J&J and displayed symptoms of a blood clot but was not confirmed when examined at hospital. -1 person who didn’t receive the vaccine from us and got a blood clot. Patient was also on birth control and the clot happened approximately 5 weeks after vaccination. Doctor couldn’t confirm if it was due to vaccine but patient is convinced it was. I’ve of course heard many who know someone who had a reaction but hard to confirm any of those stories.
  10. I’d think about it 6 months after your infection. By that time there should be more complete studies on the needs and benefits of boosters and hopefully some with natural infection factored in. But I’d be in the unnecessary camp right now.
  11. Wasn’t the conservative freak out that this would happen all the time? We’re five years out from that discussion and you found an incident. Congrats, you clearly were right. This rapist clearly would have respected the sign on the door.
  12. You’d be surprised how hard it is for some to lose their license but you may be right on this one.
  13. A little late to this but I thought I’d put in my two cents. Termination of current contract and lengthy suspension would be appropriate, lifetime ban seems excessive. If you look at a nurse getting fired for not getting vaccinated, I don’t think they are getting their license revoked or suspended which would be equivalent to a lifetime ban. If they were caught using a fake vaccination card they would get fired and possibly face discipline from the state board but likely wouldn’t lose their license. If they got caught selling fake cards, that’s another story.
  14. Nah best case is first dose before Halloween, fully vaxxed by Thanksgiving. More realistic is fully vaxxed by Christmas. Not sure if they’ve made the lower dosed vials but they haven’t shipped them yet. The logics of getting them done will be a problem. Pharmacies are not the best places to get those kids vaccinated, so either pediatrician offices or doing vaccination events at schools are going to be the best bet. None of the options will be very efficient.
  15. From my anecdotal observations of when people have strong immune response side effects (flu-like symptoms, etc): -Any 1st dose after fairly recent infection (consistent reaction) -2nd dose Moderna (highly consistent) -3rd dose for highly immunocompromised (almost everyone I talked to had a reaction after nothing with first 2) Hit or miss immune response side effects: -2nd dose Pfizer (much more mild than Moderna and inconsistent. -3rd dose Pfizer -1st dose J&J with no prior infection -Very recent infection, like less than 3 months (many had no reaction) 1st doses of Moderna and Pfizer rarely gave bad side effects unless there was a previous infection. Moderna reliably produced one bad reaction. Pfizer is about 50-50 on people having any reaction with either dose. It was very rare to have some one have a bad reaction with both doses. A bad first dose usually meant an easy second dose. My best guess is that a ‘bad reaction’ results when you’ve got some antibodies already and the immune system is working hard to give you high potency protection. I think after that reaction the body reaches a saturation point where it doesn’t need to overreact to future doses this why some don’t have reactions on 2nd or 3rd doses or very recent infections.
  16. Got a link for this claim? All the healthcare workers I see opposing the mandate are doing so because they believe they should have a choice. Haven’t seen the natural immunity argument from them.
  17. Yeah work is hell right now. We’re so understaffed and overworked that it’s become dangerous. And somehow we’re not doing enough. I wouldn’t worry about any symptoms unless they linger after the weekend.
  18. See you didn’t wait to hear my advice and that’s what happens! I would have told you get both, so it wouldn’t have mattered. Lymph node swelling while weird is a semi-common reaction. Nothing to worry about, will probably resolve in a couple days and just a sign your immune system is building good COVID stopping troops.
  19. I doubt mixing Moderna and Pfizer would do much harm or give significant benefit. From available information it looks like Moderna is the winner so far with longer lasting immunity and better coverage against Delta. My thought is that this is mainly due to the higher dose than superiority of Moderna with efficacy balancing out with the boosters. A mix of J&J with mRNA on the other hand may give you that better ‘two method’ immunity. Likewise natural immunity + mRNA seems to produce a super immunity as well. By November I’m guessing we see a vaccine Wild West with boosters and mixing approved along with younger kids. One thing to remember if they don’t approve a wild spread booster for Moderna…that’s a good thing. That likely means that there’s not enough evidence to show that a booster is needed because the vaccine works so well. If the FDA/CDC says everyone needs to run out and get a booster after 6 months, that’s when we’re in trouble. With every additional shot, you’re gonna lose a portion of the population. If the data shows boosters are desperately needed after 6 months, our at-risk groups will grow and so will vaccine hesitancy. The best thing to happen would be a repeat of Pfizer with divided panel. I wouldn’t mind seeing them coming up with risk scale to help people decide if they need a booster shot. Use age, health conditions and exposure risk to give you a risk score and help you decide if you need to get the booster.
  20. Right, it’s all about showing benefits of a combo, I don’t think safety is even a concern. In the pharmacy world we’re restricted by the official protocols which need strong data to get approved. I’m already planning booster clinics for Moderna and J&J because I think at least mix and match will get approved for both.
  21. And he’d still be attacked for singling out the unvaccinated. He’s in a no win situation with critics. No matter how he answers the question his critics will come after him. If he goes to one extreme or the other, he’ll get ripped if he changes from the response in the next 3 months no matter what happens. If he doesn’t give a response or say that it’s up to the family, you’d criticize him about that too. The better question is why does his response matter so much to those who hate him and aren’t going to listen to his advise anyway? His answer was the correct one. May 1st if you were asking how the summer would go, I doubt many were predicting the wave that happened. We don’t know what’s going to happen between now and then. We can all hope that the unvaccinated and ultra high risk are the only ones that need to worry but we simply don’t know. But the best thing most of you can do is to stop listening and caring what Fauci says. You’re not going to listen to him, so why do you care?
  22. Let me clarify, I don’t agree with calling him ‘right’ or ‘left’.
  23. Party lines are blurred at this point. Would you consider the guys from the Lincoln Project to be ‘right’? They may still have the conservative beliefs but they don’t line up with the current ‘right’. I’d put Greenwald in that same category.
  24. Just Pfizer so far. They’re meeting next week to discuss Moderna, J&J and mixing vaccines.
  25. Yeah it definitely makes sense to have the flu shot but I think billing is the issue. COVID shots are owned by the government and free regardless of insurance coverage. Flu shot inventory has to be paid for and billed. Partnering with a pharmacy could accomplish that.
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