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  1. Gotta think it’s guilty across the board or they quickly compromised on a lower charge. I have a hard time believing that there’s not a couple people who strongly felt he deserved the highest charges and 10 hours is not enough time to change that.
  2. The problem is that some people see the vaccine as a continuation of masking, social distancing, etc. The whole ‘I’m not scared of COVID’ is the reason why people aren’t getting it.
  3. I fully expect it to be lifted but I think there is a shred of doubt that the prevalence could be much higher. Though I don’t know that it would make much difference other than leading to restrictions for women under a certain age. I can’t imagine it permanently getting pulled.
  4. The initial goal for vaccine approval was 50%, Pfizer and Moderna blew that out of the water. Having that 3rd one dose vaccine was important for getting close to herd immunity. There’s a lot of people who only wanted J&J and it hasn’t been easy to find. Those people might be lost causes at this point but approving it was the right move. Time will tell if this pause was the right call but chances are it will have far reaching consequences. Allowing adults to make educated decisions is one thing and I do agree with that but the question becomes if we have enough information to consider
  5. One take I posted earlier in one of the threads was that they are trying to determine if it’s just the isolated cases or something much bigger that’s being underreported because the symptoms could just be viewed as side effects (headaches, stomach pain, leg pain). If that’s the case, more transparency would be better along with a time frame. Maybe a pause for 30 days to perform an extensive outreach with recently vaccinated J&J patients to evaluate the risk of clots. Or pause it just for certain demographics at higher risk - females under 60.
  6. What I’ve seen is more the convenience of 1-dose rather than concerns with the mRNA vaccine. But it was going to play a huge role in getting those hesitant fully immunized no matter the reason.
  7. It’s a small percentage of the total doses but considering it’s a 1-shot dose and started well after the other two, the daily share is much higher. It is the shot of choice for the vaccine skeptics and for on-site vaccination clinics (no need for second clinic). Pfizer and Moderna both are sending out more doses earlier, so if there’s no decrease in demand, supply can keep up. I’d expect a significant decrease in demand. We had 80 appointments on Friday and 80 for an off-site clinic on Monday. We’re gonna try to convert everyone to Pfizer but I’m expecting 30-40 on Friday and maybe 50 on
  8. Every time we post new appointments I wonder if this will be the time where it doesn’t fill up. Hasn’t happened yet but every day we struggle to find replacements for no shows. I spent a couple hours planning out our schedule for the next two months but wonder if there will be demand in a few weeks. After the J&J news, I’m not so sure.
  9. https://twitter.com/squawkcnbc/status/1381945683276664839?s=21 A good interview with Scott Gottlieb. His theory is that they made this move to determine if it is truly an extremely rare event or if they’ve only caught the major occurrences and minor clots are happening under the radar. It’s reasonable but no matter what the damage has been done. J&J was the vaccine most who were skeptical were willing to get. That’s done now.
  10. Yeah I agree with Trump on that statement. The rest of it is ridiculous, not only the Pfizer stuff but blaming the Biden administration for ‘allowing’ it to happen.
  11. There better be more to this. 6 cases out of millions shouldn’t matter even if it’s turning people green. It sounds like they suspect much higher incidence that may not be reported but still a huge mistake. I can imagine the natural progression will be anyone getting side effects from J&J freaking out to all COVID vaccines causing blood clots. Oh the joys of answering phone calls the next couple weeks.
  12. Ugh, such a wonderful thing to wake up to. Just did a nearly 300 dose clinic last week, another 80 on Friday and 100 next week. We’re getting a bunch of Pfizer in tomorrow, so we should be able transition everyone to that. The most frustrating thing is the damage it’s going to do vaccine confidence. We can probably forget about converting those hesitant at this point.
  13. Yeah it has been great and I have no problem giving the vaccine to anyone who wants it. Not sure why the Canadians are coming now, most are leaving before the furnace is turned on full blast.
  14. Have her call her doctor, hope it’s nothing but better to get it checked out just in case.
  15. I think they should be doing large marketing campaigns to fight the vaccine hesitancy. Show all the groups that your vaccine helps and have them thanking everyone for getting vaccinated. Health care workers, nursing home residents, small business owners, frontline worker, teachers, etc. Remove the individual decision and try to get them to identify others that their shot will help. On my way into work today an employee asked me some questions about the vaccine and wasn’t sure about getting the shot, so I asked her if anyone in her family in her family had gotten their shot and she s
  16. I really don’t get this at all. These are all known minor side effects. Pausing the clinics for this is not only stupid but could be extremely harmful to public health. J&J is the shot of choice for those who are hesitant about the shot, hate needles and are afraid of needles because it’s only one shot. These pauses might be the final straw that stops them from getting any vaccine. Remember the big concern about allergic reactions when the vaccines first came out? It hasn’t even been a minor issue. Side effects in general are getting overblown. The people who get them seem to be
  17. I came in late and only saw the last 2 or 3 episodes. My biggest takeaway is that everyone involved with running 8chan is extremely messed up.
  18. I am amazed by the amount of people waiting for the one dose shot too. From people who don’t like shots to people who fear getting side effects twice, all willing to take that decreased efficiency for convenience. I’ve talked a few people out of J&J because they had significant risk conditions. With that being said, I’d prefer to get more J&J in. In our area we’ve done a very good job of getting the elderly and high risk patients. Most of our appointments now are 18-45. We’re planning on pushing hard through April and May and start with some well deserved vacation during the summe
  19. Got the Pfizer and have been giving mainly Moderna with some J&J lately. For high risk people I suggest Moderna or Pfizer. Everyone else, get whatever you can. As far as giving the doses I’d rank them J&J > Moderna > Pfizer
  20. Right now I view the variants as a consideration - we’re well on our way to beating this unless the variants cause a problem. I’m not really worried about it but it’s still something to watch. My co-worker claims that the ‘plan’ is to have everyone get a booster during flu season. I can’t see any reason why at this point.
  21. The ‘why hasn’t she come forward’ crowd is ridiculous. You really don’t understand why someone who is now 17-19 year old isn’t coming forward? Her life will be ruined as soon as her name is out in the public. Cuomo’s accusers also faced the same risk but many were already established in their careers and had strengths in numbers. The people wanting her to come forward publicly want to do so to pick apart her history, slut shame her and intimidate her into not cooperating.
  22. The vaccines, at least Moderna and Pfizer, target a unique spike protein on the virus that allows it to enter body cells. Thus far the variants have not modified that protein enough to make the vaccines ineffective. With natural immunity, we don’t know how our immune system targets and stops the COVID virus when exposed in the future. It could very well act similarly to the vaccines and be highly effective against variants. But it’s also possible that the variants mutated in a way that avoids detection from natural immunity.
  23. Not exactly true. We don’t know how well natural immunity protects against the new variants. We’re learning how well the vaccines do against it but we don’t know if natural immunity is able up adapt as well.
  24. Personally I’ll recommend someone at high risk - older/health conditions/high exposure to hold out for Moderna/Pfizer, everyone else J&J is perfectly fine, even preferred. We’re to the point where I’d much rather be giving the J&J.
  25. They’ve actually been having problems with volunteers since they opened up to everyone especially at State Farm. A lot of people were signing up to get their shot earlier. I get a lot of people complaining about the PODs but what they do is so well ran that it’s amazing the vaccines they give through there. We’ve been working like crazy and have done around 6000 and they do that much almost daily.
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