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  1. First one kicked my ### too. Maybe I was one of the “no symptoms “ cases last year
  2. Had both shots in January. I’ve already lost two family members due to covid, and I was petrified of getting it. I wept during the waiting period after shot 1
  3. i was there for wednesday practice round a few years ago (when garcia won) and witnessed patrick reed almost do the same thing. rolled right by the hole after the skips
  4. that sucks dave. i don't know what to say.
  5. AC/DC - For Those About to Rock We Salute You
  6. i remember seeing a story about him. he got his start in playgirl magazine.
  7. Ex parte = only one side, right?
  8. I caused a 3-vehicle wreck on M5 yesterday evening and the Oakland County Deputy Sheriff all but high-fived me. I received every possible benefit of the doubt
  9. I remember the end of last season when Taylor was planning to be a “double agent” in the chuck/axe war. Why did the whole TMC operation relocate to the Axe Capital headquarters? That detail didn’t resonate with me
  10. i didn't make it to the midpoint, but i'm not a Pearl Jam fan.
  11. i have round 1 tickets. does anybody have an idea when the rescheduled dates might be?
  12. My wife bought a package of toilet paper at Costco just because of the stories of TP hoarding elsewhere
  13. I need the nom' but that thought was thought before i contemplated my plan on the convention floor it wouldn't take too long to put that together
  14. i have one of those 22kw generacs. in the 15 months since it was installed, we haven't lost power since.
  15. When hank and steve visit the cook site where krazy-8’s car was abandoned. One of them comments that someone may have killed their snitch.
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