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  1. Why would the opinion of a stranger on a message board hurt me? You don’t think I’m already aware that my ideas are in the minority? If people disagreeing with me hurt me I’d have probably fallen apart a long time ago. If you think you can hurt me you assign yourself way too much importance.
  2. You think I'm delusional...I think you're naive. But only one of us has been a #### toward the other.
  3. Right...so you badger and mock me and then blame me for being "judgmental". Again, why do you care about what I say or think? If you disagree, move on.
  4. Feel free to run along and not concern yourself with me or my ideas. Why do you care so much about what someone you consider to be foolish chooses to discuss? Seems pretty strange to me.
  5. Nah, it's more entertaining watching guys like you obsess over my posts.
  6. Another company who put profits over health and lives.
  7. So then why do most people refuse to even consider the claims of scientists like Peter Duesberg, Kary Mullis and many others who have said for decades that those in charge (Fauci, Gallo, Redfield, etc) misled the public about the cause of AIDS? This industry (as well as the petrochemical industry) is full of examples of people lying for the sake of profits regardless of how many people were unnecessarily killed. Tobacco, Vioxx, Fen phen, baby powder, etc, etc., etc. If you've never seen the BBC documentary on Dupont and PFOA, I'd highly recommend it. People who think that folks who run corporations won't sacrifice people for profits are simply naive. The Devil We Know
  8. At the decision-making levels...yeah, I do believe that. Have you watched or listened to Dr Chris Johnson talk about the opioid crisis in the US? I posted a couple of videos earlier in this thread. And that's only one example.
  9. I’m not the only one who thinks the medical industry in the US needs reformed.
  10. I never denied AIDS. Too many people skim things and miss the details. My contention isn’t that there wasn’t an AIDS crisis, it’s that it wasn’t caused by HIV. And yes, unprotected sex and drug use was absolutely a factor in that crisis. I’m sorry that you lost your friend. Death sucks, especially at a young age. I think you’d find Duesberg’s book very interesting. He’s not an “AIDS denier”. He’s a scientist who believes that those in power abused that power and created a story about the source of AIDS and used that story to enrich themselves and others, and unnecessarily killed a lot of people along the way.
  11. You are correct, I was a firm rejector of evolution. I would consider myself an agnostic on the topic. I honestly haven't studied it enough on this side of my rejection of Christian teachings to have a firm opinion on the subject. Despite what many around here believe, I don't really have strong feeling about topics I haven't spent much time on.
  12. It’s a rare thing that people can disagree with one’s thoughts and ideas but still respect the person with whom they disagree. Thank you, sir.
  13. And I know numerous people who have tested positive for COVID and not a single one of them has lost taste or smell. Why would a virus affect people differently but toxicity wouldn’t? And the symptom list for COVID is extensive. They’ve lumped almost every symptom ever experienced with a cold or flu into COVID. Why so many different symptoms for different people if it’s all caused by the same new virus? And why wouldn’t families and others who spend time in the same places, eating the same foods, drinking the same water, breathing the same air, etc. be susceptible to the same toxins? Then there’s also a phenomenon in nature called resonance. Why do women who all live together end up syncing their cycles? Do they “infect” one another? No, but there is communication that happens between living things that have an affect. It’s even been shown that plants, trees, animals, etc. have this communication going on. As for toxins, some people can be exposed to toxins and their bodies are capable of removing those toxins without significant illness while others cannot. Everybody’s bodies are different in how they respond. One of body’s first responses is fever. I get fevers regularly. Not knock me on my ### fevers, but low grade fevers that typically last between 12 and 36 hours (give or take). My wife almost NEVER fevers. We’re all different.
  14. I have no idea. But what makes a virus a better explanation for those symptoms than toxicity?
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