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  1. Probably because people think you're allowed to attack cops and shoot weapons at them
  2. Anyone paying attention knew covid 19 was the real deal, and it was going to rock the markets.
  3. I don't, he physically attacked 2 officers and shot at them. I feel more sorry for the wendy's owner and employees who lost their jobs.
  4. https://medium.com/@gavrilodavid/why-derek-chauvin-may-get-off-his-murder-charge-2e2ad8d0911 Solid info, i recommend reading the whole thing.
  5. the guy beating the cops prior to running away and then shooting the weapon at the cop while running away is enough to justify the shooting. Don't overthink this, don't let cities burn down over legitimate actions.
  6. yeah, how could anyone that saw the video of the man turning around and firing a weapon at the cop have enough information on this 🤣
  7. https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/george-floyd-protests-06-13-20/h_ec3b24673bfe3aacc0f546367178700d You're already parroting CNN. and they have zero to do with it?
  8. We have now reached the point where cops aren't allowed to shoot people that attack them and shoot weapons at them. Good job CNN
  9. you get deeply offended by a team name? That's quite the privilege you have.
  10. https://twitter.com/greggutfeld/status/1271961754604634113 great question
  11. Actually you gambled keeping your money in the stock market, instead of selling before the obvious crash. You were lucky they printed trillions of dollars, or you'd still be way down. I took my money out before the crash, bought back near the bottom and im over 70 percent up on my portfolio, and none of that is luck.
  12. if a 1000 health professionals signed a letter saying it was okay to reopen the country and go back to work would CNN report on it? We both know the answer to that, but you'll pretend it isn't the answer we know it is. I don't get what people have to gain by spending all their time not being sincere, just to promote their side. Are you just really bored? Hopefully on the next topic you'll be more honest. Thanks, have a nice day.
  13. they did when this posted this article Over 1,000 health professionals sign a letter saying, Don't shut down protests using coronavirus concerns as an excuse
  14. I don't believe CNN would purposely encourage protesting like that if covid 19 was that dangerous. 93% of covid deaths had underlying conditions i,e. cancer, diabetes, heart failure. If you have a serious underlying condition you shouldnt go to a rally, or a protest, but if you don't you're actually really safe from the virus.
  15. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/05/health/health-care-open-letter-protests-coronavirus-trnd/index.html
  16. But you realize this comes across as disingenuous after CNN didnt care about the virus during the protesting? Im sure you'll respond to this not agreeing, and have some kind of an excuse, but regardless of what you say, it comes across as disingenuous. Have a good day.
  17. you mean buy buy buy? You want to buy the panic selling for long term holding, the time to sell sell sell was 2 or so days ago. Obviously you want to buy while making sure you leave yourself money to buy future dips
  18. just keep buying substantial dips, ,and it really doesnt matter, you know you'll get your money back on your initial investment eventually and all the dips you buy will be even bigger gains. (obviously you dont need my advice, but thats how im playing it and my thinking on it) will buy more around 16 dollars
  19. Did anyone buy with me? There was also a chance to buy another dip, after that, and you could really be up a ton.
  20. well for starters, anyone that isn't a war criminal is probably better than Bush by default.
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