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  1. Agreed, Steel has been amazing. Maybe when Collins gets back, they can use some type of rotation to keep them fresh.
  2. Bit of a sloppy win, but they still won without it being close at the end. Zeke resurgence continues, which is great to see. Looking forward to Joseph slowly getting back into the mix and getting Gallup back at some point.
  3. Honestly I'd laugh off that type offer if I didn't see the video.
  4. https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1442119887120384004?s=20https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1442119887120384004?s=20 Collins tried to bride the drug test collector, 🤦‍♂️
  5. D gave up a lot of yards, thought they looked like a middle of the pack D. Of course that is a big improvement. Diggs keeps looking better, have hope for him.
  6. So much for that, Steele getting the start at RG https://twitter.com/dallascowboys/status/1437792327137910792?s=20
  7. Zeke had maybe 3 carries in the first half, they had no intention of trying to run vs the Bucks, Im not panicking on the run game..yet. Pass rush, need more pressure. Parsons looked like a rookie. That missed FG was brutal, but cant say it cost them the game. If they had a 5 point lead, Brady still had a lot of time to get it in the end zone. He just killed the clock at the end for the winning FG. Should be able to at least hang with the division foes this year.
  8. Who had the swords out? Most of that was other team fans popping in to take cheep shots.
  9. This looks real good. https://twitter.com/dallascowboys/status/1429969338447142913?s=19
  10. Same here, follow the local podcasts a lot and they directly contradict the limping reports.
  11. Been trying to trade him like crazy for last 2 year, no interest
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