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  1. Yeah, I've stubbornly stayed in this as well. My bias towards pot stocks is costing me here, big time.
  2. So, you think in a few years MFL will be designating him as a WR?
  3. Yeah, I finally flushed this turd today. Wish I would have weeks ago. I don't see support here until around 10.50.
  4. For those still in tankers, which do you prefer between FRO and INSW? Why? I'm going to eliminate one of those from my portfolio, and would appreciate some feedback.
  5. I agree, it happens to both sides of the aisle. What is different is how each sides leaders handle those whose scandals come to light.
  6. Butthead, I mean Gaetz. Another shining example of the memebrs of the GOP.
  7. UVXY so tempting as a hedge here. Must...fight...the...urge.
  8. And for those of us who want it in a IRA, this is the only game in town, at least for now.
  9. Hold my beer. I'm in for a small position as well. My apologies to all of you.
  10. My buy for FLGT just tripped at $89.50. This should be interesting...
  11. Oh, I hear ya. I'm singing the same tune. OESX -30% DM -49% IPOE -29% STMH -45% PLTR -22% GRAMF -31% I should have capitulated last week too. I too struggle with most of these as 'long term' holds.
  12. Am I the last bag holder with OESX? What a colossal turd.
  13. After today, I'll probably be about even YTD.🤮
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