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  1. Or be a real dunce and buy UVXY early!
  2. Unfortunately, this mule has to take product directly to dispensaries.
  3. 😅 The farm I'm working with is trying to unload their remaining inventory of last seasons crop for $200 per POUND. B buds, but still.
  4. Well, at least you didn't buy UVXY days ago for $26+. I'm holding though until the SPY flips back to bullish on the daily.
  5. With how prices are plummeting right now in Oregon, dispensaries are able to buy a pound of killer greenhouse for $300-500, and indoor for $600-$900. This would have been double that rate even three months ago. Funny how times have changed. In college, ounces went for $300 and were sold for $50 per eighth. Classic story of supply and demand.
  6. I just bought 100 shares at $26.54. Small hedge that I should have done earlier. I'm down about 6% this month. You're all welcome. The market should rebound nicely now.
  7. I'd love to r-e-l-a-x, but WTF Rodgers? Go buy a big bag of .....
  8. Me too. It takes a special kind of suck to be down overall for the year while the overall market is up like it is. *winning*
  9. Oof. Someone got Barkley for peanuts. That's outright horrible.
  10. Something seriously one sided in each of those. Herbert>>>>>Mayfield.
  11. 12 Team PPR Team A gets M Pittman Team B gets 2021 2.1 and 2022 3rd.
  12. You think your Baba is bad? Try BARK, APPH, SKLZ, TLRY...A blind monkey could be picking better than I am.
  13. Bark...wait. Down 12%+ on no news.🤮
  14. Straight Songs of Sorrow- Mark Lanegan. One of his best albums in years. Skeleton Key
  15. So is not caring for the overall good of those in your community.
  16. But for those who have the ability to get vaccinated without health repercussions, and still choose to out of 'issues of freedom'? Thinking of themselves only? Seems appropriate.
  17. TLRY up 22% on earnings, but they've been a dog for quite some time. I'm still down about 10%.
  18. Yeah, I certainly took a chance. If Aiyuk isn't a top 25 WR, then it was a gaffe. I'm comfortable with what will be there at 1.12. My team has a lot of holes currently.
  19. 12 Team PPR Team A gets 1.02 Team B gets Aiyuk, Fant, 1.12
  20. We start up to 2 DE's, as we have to start a total of 3 players between DE and DT.
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