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  1. Settles it? Rhythmdoctor said he hasn't seen many Jags games. Cosell and Harris watch every snap of every game. They say Bortles sucks. How much of his tape have you watched? What is your assessment?
  2. Chris Harris and Greg Cosell are two that come to mind. I'm sure there are others.
  3. The guys who watch a lot of film will tell you that he is a horrible QB.
  4. A few weeks could be three more weeks. Unless you have a short bench, he's worth stashing for the stretch run and playoffs. I mean, you gotta have somebody on your bench, right?
  5. Agree. I have both and if forced to choose, Booker remains.
  6. I added him just in case. I definitely don't trust Mathews to stay healthy.
  7. Possibly. I have to choose among Martellus, Royal and DeAndre Washington for two FLEX spots.
  8. I took your advice and added him for 1% last night. Stashing and hoping. He could be a difference-maker in the playoffs.
  9. San Diego has no one else to turn to. If he continues to get 8-10 ppg in receiving alone, he's an automatic RB1 every week. I would listen to offers for Gordon, but no one has expressed interest.
  10. Ah yes, the ol' wrong forum violation. I have about 75% of my FAAB left. Around 30% sounds about right. Thanks. Also agree he should not have been dropped. I wouldn't have.
  11. I like the aggressive call, but FAAB bidding is the only way to add free agents in this league. That would leave me no money with nine weeks to go.
  12. I am dropping Watkins next week. Moncrief was surprisingly dropped this week. How much FAAB do you think Moncrief is worth in a 12-team PPR, assuming he's back by Week 8?
  13. My leagues starts six at the FLEX-eligible positions. Four seems too few to me.
  14. I picked up Smallwood for cheap this week (3%). Stashing and wishing.
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