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  1. What up TROLL! Fun fact, there was no 1st rounder in that offer, FAKE NEWS! Funner fact, my team scored more points with MT than it would have with Godwin ( I would never have started Dobbins)....I'm about to win $200 for 2nd most points thanks to not taking Godwin over Thomas which was the only starter for me in that deal. So go ahead and crawl back into your hole now that we know the out come of my decision for my team. : Mic Drop:
  2. In my league you don’t draft till you pay. Auto pick if you haven’t paid yet. Only had to do it once. Then that guy hadn’t paid by week 1. Forfeit. Then he quit. Bye.
  3. If Evans is out, I'm tempted to start him over McLaurin....crazy?
  4. After further review, Swaim has been playing more snaps every week than Firkser and is considered the better blocker. With Myles Garrett coming, I'd guess Swaim does most of the work and they feed Henry. Andrews and Jonnu my TEs....just picked up Rudolph in this win and in game. Thank goodness Irv is out.
  5. True. Was Swaim playing in the game roto is referencing Firkser being great?
  6. Start Firkser or Rudolph?🤢 If it matters, I start Dalvin.....go firkser to avoid spreading TDs?
  7. I’m without Andrews and must win to get in this week. Do you start him over Rudolph? Hard to trust.
  8. Is Jonnu hurt? Why is Geoff Swaim catching balls??
  9. Worried about NO not needing to pass much vs DEN. But also worried about Bridgewater's knee.
  10. Is ESPN really going to allow people to play a starting QB at TE or Flex in 1QB leagues?
  11. How do I zoom on your avatar enough to read that tattoo?

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