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  1. I really need a kicker this week and either need to drop him or David Johnson. Chances we get any type of update before Sunday?
  2. Not a great start for someone who was supposed to be mature and presidential
  3. They want evidence before an investigation. On Trump though they wanted an investigation before evidence. Pretty ironic.
  4. Well to be fair. There was an investigation into Trump on only allegations and no actual evidence.
  5. Question. So I'm not staying there was or wasn't fraud. To all the people who are screaming there wasn't any! If everything is so clean then why would you care if it's looked into. It would just prove you right.
  6. Thanks for your opinion. We will file it in the opinion pile.
  7. Supposedly all ballots were water marked so it should be easy to confirm if there were fakes
  8. What exactly does my opinion on his conference have to do with what's in store for Biden over the next four years (if he wins)
  9. Sure man. Its coming, I guess joking about it makes things better.
  10. I'm not saying there was fraud. But your last paragraph made me laugh out loud. You guys literally tried every trick in the book to remove Trump after he was elected. Good luck over the next four years because what goes around comes around.
  11. Well random internet poster said everything was okay. I'm sure you calmed many nerves.
  12. They would be going absolutely bonkers right now lol.
  13. To be fair. He was accused of being a Russian agent with absolutely no evidence.
  14. At least one of you guys doesn't play dumb and can at least imagine how it could happen. I'm not accusing of it, but his statement made me chuckle.
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