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  1. Dem's already declaring victory. The meltdown when reality sets in will be glorious.
  2. Under comments is this edited??? https://mobile.twitter.com/EddieZipperer/status/1322218253247303681
  3. Even though your side of the fence would make me delete my account I'll let you off easy. https://www.cancer.org/
  4. All these posters who are for violent protesting and looting would be crying out for help if it was happening to them 😆
  5. I think this is the biggest reason they are lashing out. They can see the writing on the wall for Trump winning 2020 in a land slide
  6. Wow someone finally admitted his role in the economy. Respect. You ar actually my favorite anti Trump poster on here now right up there with saints.
  7. I honestly don't know how the left can take beat down after beat down. It must be so demoralizing.
  8. You reap what you sow. All their lying and fake investigations are catching up to them.
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