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  1. My fault I read that as sit week 6, my coffee had not kicked in yet. I could see them just shutting him down if it's 6 weeks though due to out of play off contention.
  2. This isn't an injury that heals in a few weeks. You need a good month or two at least of non physical activity
  3. I would. Cup cake schedule coming up. Good buy low so free is even better.
  4. Okay. Who would you rather own if you aren't playing either any time soon.
  5. St. Brown or Josh Gordon as a bench loto ticket. Full ppr.
  6. Getting ravaged with injuries and byes. Need to drop two to field a full team this weekend. 0.5 ppr Need to drop two of: Chris Carson Golladay (have tony) Mooney R. Moore I'm leaning Carson (thinking he's being ir) and Mooney.
  7. You're right they are going to roll out menshew going forward instead of continuing coaching and evaluating a QB who has some upside.
  8. I agree and disagree. They were within 5 of the Superbowl champs. If the defense makes a stop eagles had a real chance to win. If Tampa didn't PI on two long bombs hurts has a lot more yards. The offensive line was not giving hurts any time. At the same time I agree he's not going to be the starter past this year most likely but the eagles are going to see what they have in him the rest of the year so they can decide how to use their first round draft picks next year.
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