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  1. Counter counter point: that's what running Zeke does to a defense
  2. The demise of Zeke was greatly exaggerated.
  3. Nothing wrong with a little thunder and lighting. Zeke laying the hurt on people and getting TDS so I'm happy
  4. Either way it's kinda risky. You need Williams to score to have value on the week. Sermon has risk as well but if he does well his upside is much higher. So just depends if you want upside or floor in that spot
  5. Barkley's back up is inactive today. Barkley is ready to roll.
  6. Yeah I think he catches a TD today. I subbed in R. Moore but I still feel like golladay scores lol. I hate limited role news.
  7. First choice is really hard because they all have a limited role but I think I'd go Drake. Second is Julio.
  8. Golladay, R. Moore, or C. Patterson. Pick one, half ppr and full ppr(two leagues same choice).
  9. What about Trey Ragas. We know barber is bad, they seem dead set on using Drake as a specific role. Could be worth a stash if you have the spot to see what happens and how long Jacobs ends up out.
  10. People who are counting him out and season over are 100% invested in another sf rb. He has a clear shot to production this season.
  11. Bengals offense was just off last week. Better days for McPherson coming. He made that 50 with ease.
  12. Still holding for now. The two teams I have him on, my bench is pretty stacked so I can wait.
  13. Jacques Patrick is interesting. Gonna add him for free in the morning and see what happens. Since he was signed off a practice squad he's on the 53 man roster for three weeks. He has 15lbs and 2 inches on any other back on the roster. Maybe shanahan is tired of his tiny guys getting hurt and wants a big boi.
  14. The good news in my big money league, 2-0 and up 70+ points on the next closest point total. The bad news my bench is so bad.
  15. I meant 40 point games. Whens the last time zeke has had a king Henry game?
  16. I disagree. Zeke will easily have multiple td games. You aren't going to get Henry games but that was obvious coming into the draft. Pollard looked a bit more spry and will get work but Zeke is going to get his as well.
  17. Worry about 17 points? I'll take that all day.
  18. Hopefully some people bought when he was free.
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