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  1. It is speculation, but it is all playing out in a well orchestrated way with Democratic politicians and lawyers involved. Make it public at the last minute. Demand an investigation to delay things. Get sympathy by claiming threats. Put your lawyer out there. It is all a push for PR and to delay the vote until the next Senate is seated. It is too smooth.
  2. I am not sure how else it could be taken. You were responding to me specifically, not just randomly posting to the group.
  3. Never meant to imply she was not tough enough. Unfortunately there is so much hate out on the internet on political discussions. Conservative speakers face death threats all the time. It is scary to someone not used to it, but it is highly unlikely there was a credible threat, just the typical hateful chatter.
  4. Not by me, so your post is false. I do not believe I even suggested she was drinking. I assumed he probably was. I suppose she could have, but that would not justify any assault.
  5. An absolute lying bs post. Show me where I blamed her? You guys are the worst with your strawman lies v
  6. Unempathetic? Absolutely not true. But you have to have empathy and fairness to all including the old white dude. I think something bad happened, just have no way of knowing how bad at this point in time.
  7. Where did I say I believe his denial?. I just believe he has not reason to have much of any memory of the event.
  8. I have long accepted the link between human activity and climate change. I do know though not every scientific claim on the matter is not settled science and certainly computer models have many flaws although they are greatly improved from where they were a decade ago. We still have a lot to learn on the subject.
  9. For some things they do, but not really wiped clean. We as a society though tend to forgive some youthful transgressions.
  10. As the study shows, people's confidence in what they remember does not correlate to how well they remember it.
  11. That is a flaw in his denial not my argument. I have no idea how he can deny being at a party that long ago.
  12. You think people can recall many incidents which happened 35 years ago very accurately? It was not a big deal to him and who knows how drunk he was. It had a bigger impact on her and she probably has thought back on it numerous times. The problem is how she remembers it today has been influenced by time and is distorted.
  13. Kavanaugh is the only one under the microscope here and being judged. I believe he does have very little recollection of what happened compared to Ford and I imagine she believes what she remembers is accurate. The problem is the human mind is really not that good. Here is a published study on the mind and has some interesting insights into just how unreliable our minds are especially over time:. "Memory distortions can also occur simply with the passage of time and with repeated recounting of events. Although it might not be surprising that mundane memories become weaker and more su
  14. True. But memories really are not that good and are minds are quite capable of filling in details. The longer you go, the less reliable the recall is.
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