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  1. The Lions always get outplayed for the first three and a half quarters anywys. Just view the preseason like that.
  2. Preseason means nothing. The O-line will be improved and the running game should be improved. I am really interested to see what Stafford can do with that. Stafford may not put up his biggest numbers, but it may/should be his best season. Defense still has tons of issues. Not a great team, but preseason is of no concern. How the team responds to Patricia vs. Caldwell will be very interesting.
  3. So are any of the Lions RB startable as a deep league flex play. Seems Kerryon is listed pretty deep on the depth chart so he is risky until he role becomes defined. Blount looks to be the starter so should see a dozen plus carries plus goal line work which against the Jets is a plus. Theo will get his 4-5 catches.
  4. Kyle Meinke | kmeinke@mlive.com CLOSEEmail the authorFollow on Twitter ALLEN PARK -- Jim Caldwell appears to be on his way out in Detroit. NFL Network is reporting the Lions are expected to part with Caldwell after their season finale on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, and singled out Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia as a leader to replace him.
  5. Probably about a 10 percent chance of success, but it was worth a try. The catch rule is the biggest cluster buck
  6. The teams I think are better than the Lions: Chiefs, Broncos, Patriots, Steelers, and Falcons. Not sure about the Packers yet.
  7. This is a good team in a league of mediocrity. There is nobody that should scare them, but they could easily lose to any team. It is all about staying healthy because they are thin everywhere.
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