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  1. can we just all agree that it was awesome seeing UNCheat getting destroyed as Karma finally showed up although it was a year too late. After decades of cheating the tarholes are lucky they are allowed to play in the post season for the remainder of this decade.
  2. So maybe we should talk about Roy’s choke job today? All those upperclassman Swahili majors and they can’t get out of the second round in their backyard?
  3. All 4 Duke freshman are gone. Only question is if Bolden goes (but right now most believe he will stay) Duke freshman look like that 2015 freshman class right now, putting it together on both ends and playing very well.
  4. Surely the Panthers aren’t dumb enough to sign Eric “Stone Hands never took a real college class” Ebron right??
  5. Duke looked unstoppable today...never know what team shows up, but their A game is better than everyone else in this thing.
  6. Bass why dont you find a new forum to go post about how much you think the all time winningest coach and his 5 titles have underachieved and how Isis is better than K? You can let us know how that goes. Meanwhile would you like to discuss Roy’s current failure losing last night??
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