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  1. Why is it that whenever Cutler throws an INT, I wonder if the Great Gazoo comes from the Flintstones and floats besides him and says "Why did you throw that one, dumb-dumb?" Even as a Bronco, always thought Cutler was one dumb QB, very aloof, doesn't care. Hence the leadership questions. Did you see him yesterday? Did he even care? The problem is this kid thinks he's way better than he his. What most of the NFL sees is somebody who has the talent to be great, but not yet there. He sees himself as great right now. It's like Dungy said, he'll never be a Brady and Manning because he doesn'
  2. I don't know guys, I"m gonna watch it again, but I think there was HUGE significance to AJ saying like you said before REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES I think that's what Chase is leaving us with. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I kept looking at the clock thinking how are they gonna do this in 3 minutes. Lol, I guess they weren't. The cut to black instead of fade to black makes me think that he is dead, but yeah who knows. Lots of questions still which is messed up. Didn't pay off for the fans who have been loyal to this show throughout it's messed up scheduling.
  4. well if it signifies Tony's death, then this is just stupid and cool at the same time. We should have seen it. Without Tony sure there's no show, but that would mean there's no other scenes in the show other than the ones with Tony if we are to believe we are looking at it through Tony's eyes.
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