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  1. ATL surprisingly has a top notch run defense. If he does play, I could see them taking away a lot of the short yardage dirty work.
  2. I seriously doubt Tua will run more than Fitz was already running.
  3. He's done as well as can be expected with how bad the run blocking is. But he's good for 4-5 rec and 30 yards receiving every game, which gives him a solid floor in PPR.
  4. Announcers: "No one open in the endzone." Calvin Ridley: Waving his arms because there's no one within 10 yards of him
  5. Could be just coach speak saying he'll still see the field even with Trey Burton back. Or could be he might see some snaps lined up as WR? I seem to remember him doing that a bit last year.
  6. As much as he is popping, hard to trust a guy that only ran 8 pass routes (I think?) this past game.
  7. In Dynasty, I would rather have Metcalf and McLaurin (Ben will be retired in a year or two and Haskins will be cut in a year or two).
  8. Personally I've always considered JuJu an above average possession receiver that greatly benefited from Antonio Brown drawing double and triple coverage, leaving him wide open on crossing routes, and who fell on his face the first time he was the #1. IF Diontae starts drawing the doubles, JuJu could pop again. Diontae may be "accidentally" getting twice the targets of JuJu in 2 games. Or it could be simply that Ben recognizes that Diontae is far more explosive than JuJu and easily the better route runner and sees Antonio Brown 2.0 in him. Fun stat: As a rookie, Diontae Johnson had th
  9. Diontae should be valued as a WR1 because by all indication he's the #1 in PIT. If his perceived value in your league is lower, then go get him. If you have him, price him accordingly.
  10. Was that his last reception of game? Explains why he disappeared.
  11. 20 touches vs. the last ranked defense against RBs this year = must start.
  12. Christian McCaffrey: "“They say four to six weeks. That’s a challenge to me. Hopefully I can get back a lot earlier. I’m going to attack this.” https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/21/christian-mccaffrey-they-say-ill-miss-4-6-weeks-im-hoping-a-lot-less/
  13. From what I saw yesterday, almost all of Davis' targets came in dump-offs in garbage time with TB taking away anything past 15 yards. From what I've seen, this offense isn't one gameplanning to pass it to their RBs (see CMC's 3 catches on 4 targets in week 1). I'm weary on banking on garbage time dump-off production for any RBs especially if there are one or two options on the team who could step into that role.
  14. Definitely not an RB1. CMC was only truly a RB1 through his sheer brilliance and the 2 TDs each game. Davis would be a low end RB2 with a tough schedule through the next 6 weeks (except for 2 games vs ATL) if he gets the majority of the work. If Carolina brings up Reggie Bonnafon from the PS or begins to use Curtis Samuel more out of the backfield, Davis slides to RB3. I'm hesitating even making a waiver claim on Davis in the league I have CMC because I would have to drop Joshua Kelley for him.
  15. Ian Rapoport is saying he's out 4-6 weeks with a high ankle. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1308078179723210754
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