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  1. Opponent only needed 6.1 from Mack and was squirming through what I thought was a cruel tease. The PI on Saints at the end was the expected cruelty but Wilkins vultured the TD. Feeling pretty good about being in two championships this week out of my 3 teams.
  2. Thanks to the Cooper Pooper I need Mack to score less than 6.1. Ugh!
  3. He had 74.3% ownership of active teams going into this week. Will it go up to 90% of the 500 left?
  4. I can't believe I have over 70 points between Winston and Darnold that I don't need. But...moving on...so happy about that.
  5. Interesting dynamic going on here. With nearly 3/4 of the live entries having Lamar there are probably quite a few like me who got great scores from Winston, Darnold, etc. and don't need Lamar tonight. So, being selfish, it's really to our advantage to have Lamar have a down night and eliminate as many of his owner''s as possible, leaving those that do have him and survive to feast on him in coming weeks.
  6. Pretty good night for Nuk (27.4) who is only owned by 34 of the survivors.
  7. In the clubhouse at 157.7, with rank of 501. Feel good about next week with only Thielen and Mattison out, so that means I'm probably cooked.
  8. It may have an effect down the road, but the cutoff moved slightly or not at all
  9. It's basically a middle of the pack team all year. Highest score was 224 the first week, but nothing over 185 since. The closest the Turk has got to me was 3.46 pts. in week 8. Lamar (6), Winston (4), Darnold (0) Chubb (8), Carson (8), Singletary (4), Breida (3), Mattison (1) Hopkins (8), C Samuel (7), Gallup (7), Thielen (5), Quinn (1), Wilson (1) Waller (8), Andrews (7), Walker (2) Seahawks (5), Cowboys (3), Broncos (2) Gay (8), Carlson (2), Rosas (0)
  10. 13.5 above the cut, with Carson and Breida (-5.9, -8.5) for flex spots and Seahawks (-1). Jackson/Andrews combo will be my saving grace if I make it, as had Nuk and Thielen out and ho-hum scores from RBs, and Wrs. I was surprised this morning when I saw the cutoff. Thought it would be higher, but agree that tonight could be a big mover. Hopefully aforementioned guys will be cause of that.
  11. They deducted 3 points from the Pitt D, when the Rams recovered a Rudolph fumble for a TD. I always was under the impression that points against were only affected by the defense giving up the points. I know under FPC rules they would lose the points, but I thought Yahoo was different. Anyone know? Thanks in advance!
  12. My uneducated eye test says the Shady hasn't succumbed to father time just yet.
  13. Posted this is Shady thread, but reports are that McCoy is on a pre determined rest week. Don't get too crazy about Darrell long-term.
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