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  1. Not nearly as interested as I thought I would be. More of a novelty than a true competitive "season" with a legit champ. And I still have doubts about how smoothly this will go with so many hotspots and outbreaks taking place.
  2. Trade deadline in our league and I have a chance to trade for Kittle for the playoff run. Would you guys say he is a relatively safe bet after this week or not so much? Thanks
  3. Cowboy D is fast. Not many teams make Cook hurry on a screen.
  4. Redskins crashing down so hard in the run.....Cook will break a long one here soon if he can get past the line.
  5. Zimmer needs to let Barr rush more. He’s such an under utilized blitzer. Imho
  6. Wow, even rougher call there. Vikes being handed the advantage on this drive.
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