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  1. Then say nothing unless she addresses it first. Then, do what GM said.
  2. Poetry thread could have stopped at Kipling. Good luck on your surgery HF.
  3. Partly fair, partly not. I coached traveling baseball for 4 years mainly because we had trouble finding other Dad's who had the time and knew anything about baseball. I friggin loved it. Still miss it and "my" teams ended up being damn good as a bonus. But I certainly encountered more than my fair share of coaches you are talking about. 9 out of 10 seems harsh though. For the most part I think they end up being guys completely over their heads with the responsibility and really don't know anything about coaching. More clueless than conniving.
  4. "Unt you will spell glockenspeil, ya? Or ziss speller dies, ya?"
  5. Lots of good jobs and robust housing market in Minneapolis/St Paul. Assuming of course that you can handle mediocre pro sports and hipsters with lumberjack beards f'ing everywhere.
  6. I can't believe Chet ate you Shrimp Scampi when you were in the ####ter. Terrible.

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