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  1. I meant the Wentz jersey, though this would make for an awesome development in the story. 1st day of practice, Wentz burns. Pittman Jersey to assert dominance over his new team. Buries it on the 50.
  2. I mean, he's dead money at this point, but let's say he goes to a team who actually uses a 3rd down receiving back and gets ~60 receptions. Just give me flex value FFS so I can move him in a package! It's incredible Watson maintained his level of play in HOU - that team is were fantasy assets go to die. They NEVER used Duke correctly in his entire tenure there.
  3. I just hope he goes anywhere that will actually use him like CLE didn’t so I can recoup that long ago spent 3rd round pick.
  4. That occurred to me too - why would he want to stick with the number he’s been terrible in. Good call. Burn that #11 jersey then bury the ashes like coaches do with bad playbooks.
  5. There were many variations - some involved also kicking the family dog, or having carnal relations with the spouse, both of which I personally frowned upon. Mind you, this was only for the worst of FF offenses, like stiffing a commish in league fees or getting caught cheating/colluding.
  6. Nailed it. Brady went to TB, Godwin handed it over for free (and still didn't get that many targets, lolz) Brady >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  7. I'm not "crying" so you can stop projecting / insulting people any time. It's really getting old. And you're right - that was someone else who said he'd be 8th in targets. My bad. You did say his QB would not like him,(like him less, like him least, etc) among other things about Wentz's state of mind that suggested his personal relationship with Pittman would be harmed & Pittman's play would suffer as a direct result. All of which are speculation on your behalf, and sound bizarre since this is a normal thing that happens. It is the exact same thing as anyone buying anyone
  8. Wut I took several logic classes in college. The bolded is literally not a "straw man" argument (fallacy), The bolded is me calling out your contradiction. In one post you claimed that "$10K was peanuts, so Pittman should just give Wentz the number". In another post you claimed that Wentz would be "paying out the nose" for the number. That's not a straw man by any definition of the fallacy. It was you talking out of both sides of your face. I never said anything remotely like that. I don't even see a "squabble". I said very clearly that this is a normal thing th
  9. I'm not remotely in a "frenzy". I'm not even perturbed, perplexed or troubled. I'm actually pretty ambivalent, if I had to describe my emotional state, but you seem to enjoy projecting emotions....first onto Wentz, and now me. The fact is that you contradicted yourself, and you're making wild speculations on how players "feel". It's ridiculous and I've pointed it out. That's not a frenzy. Now please explain how Wentz is both "paying out the nose" or "peanuts"? Still waiting for that explanation, thanks.
  10. This is an old running joke from a decade ago. I think it was Fantasy Football Today forums, where FF disputes were often recommended as best solved in this manner. It was a joke - sorry it was an inside one. I do not now, now would I ever advocate punching anyone in the face, much less in front of their wives and chil'rens.
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