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  1. You’re being stubborn here. 3 is clearly more than 1. ....thought the person who offered this steamy pile, probably.
  2. All solid points, & I agree. I doubt he goes anywhere, and when called upon in times of need he’s delivered. this seems to be one of those cases where the fan-base & FF managers scorned hate a player far more than the organization that employs him.
  3. I got him as a toss-in to balance a trade. I just haven’t had the need to drop him as we have big rosters. Was kinda hoping the productive run he had last year would carry over so I could move him. That seems like more of a long shot every passing second.
  4. I go to bed every night hoping they cut him do I can mercifully drop him from my roster.
  5. He’d have the best TE he’s had in some time (maybe ever) and a handful of not terrible receivers (though not great) and a couple excellent RBs. He’d also have a mediocre OL (TBD if improved from last year) and a defense that would ensure he’d be throwing a lot. And he’d be going to a division with the Chargers, Broncos & Chiefs and a conference with the Bills & Ravens. To all of it I say, “hey, good luck with that”.
  6. Now the Browns are in the rumor mix per Twitter dot com. Starting to seem like a game of “how many teams morale can we ruin at once?” just a big soap opera. As the Rodgers turns.
  7. Yeah ok sure pal. That’s why they went to the super bowl with less offensive talent 2 years ago & the Rams, Seahawks & Cards didn’t, right?
  8. Sure but not tougher than the Niners schedule last year when they went 6-10 without Kittle, Aiyuk, Debo, Bosa & JimmyG, still somehow winning 6 with the likes of Beathard & Mullins behind center.
  9. My take was just fine thanks. It’s an opinion - you apparently have one too. I won’t read it after you started out by insulting me, but that’s how these things work. have a nice day.
  10. Aha! Wasn’t there a blurb on sportsline or one of the sites about late breaking medical info about various players coming out just before the draft that could potentially cause players to drop? they didn’t name anyone but yeah - it coulda been about JOK. good find!
  11. Wow - that is a somewhat toothless schedule. I also forgot to mention that they played much of the year without Bosa, Kittle, Debo, Aiyuk, Mostert, Wilson & a host of others. And they still managed to win enough games to pick 12th. I don’t see a path to a top 5 pick for the Dolphins, but of course it’s possible.
  12. Highly doubtful in my opinion. for one, it’s unlikely Lance starts in 2021 unless JimmyG gets hurt. The 49ers best case scenario has JimmyG playing 17 games & elevating his trade value. for another, even with Garapolo hurt, between Beathard & Mullins they still managed to win enough games to pick 12th. Mullins & Beathard are two of the worst QBs I’ve ever seen. The way the Niners can lean on the run game & defense, they were able to somewhat mask how utterly terrible they were. So I’m pretty confident that if Lance has to step in for a few games, he’ll be able
  13. I think he’s getting what he wants right now: we’re all talking about him. 💡
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