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  1. Surprised that wasn’t blown dead with forward progress.
  2. 1A on this list should be the spot foul for DPI Make it 15 yards & improve the game 5000%
  3. I just took my dog out in it & couldn’t make it 5 mins. it’s not just pelting, relentless rain & wind, it’s f’n cold, too.
  4. To be fair, it’s a torrential downpour. We have like 4” of rain today & high winds. Hines straight dropped that tho.
  5. Norman playing like he wants to stay in the NFL. He hasn’t looked this good in a while.
  6. Jimmy Garapolo looks like an all-pro next to Wentz. indy is stacked outside of QB.
  7. Who can forget her sage words, “waivers are a battlefield” 🎶
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