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  1. I know you’re just reporting the quote, so this isn’t directed at you Faust, but we’ve heard this song before. I’ll believe the Cards make Edmond a feature back going into a season when I see it. Pretty sure Cliff made a statement like this before they brought in Drake. That all said, kinda kicking myself as I could have had Chase at a very reasonable price last year & I put a package together for Carson instead.
  2. Right. I mean, you can have an outstanding human like Junior Seau who was a model citizen, did great charity work, loved children and was a beloved member of his community but contracted CTE. then you’ve got KWIII, who was basically a D-bag. So whether he had CTE or not, KWiii was pretty much a DBag. I don’t discount the possibility - but it definitely doesn’t excuse his terrible actions. That seemed to be the implication of the post I’d quoted.
  3. Did he play enough snaps for that? look, I’m one of the 1st to get on board with CTE, but let’s not make it a blanket excuse for the actions of a chronic F up like KWII. His shenanigans reportedly go back a-ways. he played 2 games before breaking his leg his rookie season, then missed his sophomore season due to the torn ACL from his motorcycle accident. he basically had 2 good seasons with the Browns before the staff infection. I’m skeptical his sexual assaults, burglary & drug charges were the result of CTE.
  4. Yeah...I remember drafting him once in redraft. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I believe the saying goes. What a waste of talent. https://apple.news/AxViwbl47TuK3WV1siWVTaQ
  5. As a TyWill shareholder I’m happy with that landing spot. Geoff is likely to throw a lot & whatever happens with Golladay, Marvin Jones is gone. i think I paid $4/500 3 years ago. I’m comfortable holding. He was money for 1/2 a season in Oakland.
  6. That seems like a pretty fair deal. I’d rather be on the side getting Barkley & Kupp, but i tend to undervalue picks a little. Bird in the hand & whatnot.
  7. He is only 25. I’d say pretty confidently he’s got 3-4 good years in him. I appreciate your concerns - not saying they’re not valid. I just think some of it is a bit of an overreaction.
  8. considering the number of dramatic overreaction to 1 down season takes like this I’m seeing, I’m starting to feel like Elliott is a great buy-low. Maybe the best window ever for a dude who was a top 8 RB for several years prior. His production was excellent before Dak got hurt. I’m definitely going to send a lowball offer to the owner in my league who’s in the middle of a rebuild.
  9. Stares in WTF ...shut it down folks, we have a winner. You don’t have to go home but no need to stay here.
  10. Hunt gets a lot of GL / RZ work. He also sponges up a ton of receptions. disagree if you’d like - it’s fairly obvious that Hunt caps his value. Just because Chubb is valuable doesn’t counter tjat - Chubb could have RB1 “it’s not even close” upside if he weren’t in a timeshare with another above average RB.
  11. Yeah, but unless Brady is coming back I’m not sure it matters.
  12. I’m with this take 100% I like cooper. I prefer the claypool side of the deal.
  13. Unless Kareem Hunt had a foot amputated in the offseason that’s kind of irrelevant to FF. Hunt’s presence/productivity will put a cap on Chubb’s value as long as Hunt is splitting carries.
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