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  1. CBS reporting Williams has an oblique injury. As a FBB manager, that makes me really nervous. I was planning to roll him out at Flex this week against a soft Jets run defense, but if he's nursing an oblique he becomes a much riskier start.
  2. All I know is that Henry isn’t human. He’s some sort of bionic alien from the figure made of carbon steel, powered by a nuclear reactor. he is bucking every trend and defying the odds with every game. No man should have that many carries season after season and not break down, yet here he is. This, he cannot possibly be a man. He’s a cyborg, at best. Hydraulic pistons for legs, and programmed for only one thing: football. Lawd amighty.
  3. I said it was a mixed bag. I am not a CEH believer - it’s why I moved on from him in dynasty. But he looked better than Rock’s making him out to be. Except for the fumble. That was flaming dog poo on the porch bad.
  4. That was more my worry & why I traded him. I wasn’t convinced the chiefs had any interest in making a RB the centerpiece of their offense when they have Mahomes/Hill/Kelce. The machine ain’t broke, so why would they fix it?
  5. Yeah, KC’s defense isn’t great. Their whole schtick is to get a big lead & force the opponent to throw from behind, into a very strong secondary. Baltimore just bullied them on the ground for 13 plays & what, 8 mins? Oof. That’s a good recipe for beating the Chiefs. Killed time & kept Mahomes off the field. That said, they were still gifted the W by CEH. If that didn’t happen, Butker likely ends it differently. Game of inches.
  6. He was given that workload & did pretty well with it. He wasn’t targeted in the receiving game, which is inexplicable to me. He ran out a few times but Mahomes never looked his way. Two remarkable plays: 1. Pushed the pile 6+ after contact, kept the legs churning. 2. laid a tremendous downfield block that sprung Kelce for the last 5 of that crazy TD run. Then had one of the poorest timed fumbles in NFL history. It was a mixed bag. He looked the part of a solid RB all night until that awful fumble.
  7. Solidified that it’s an RBBC & there’s probably ~20-25 weekly points of RB production in some sort of split between the 3 after LJax runs buck wild.
  8. I legit thought they’d be throwing to him more. Again: glad I dealt him. I like him more than you, but he isn’t an elite FF option until he shows that he can be that, that’s for certain.
  9. Had a pretty good game before that. Entirely negated by the fumble, which in that situation turned his game to poo poo.
  10. Rooting for the stop here just because I don’t want this game to end.
  11. What a defensive play. Wow. Wow. I’m SO glad I dealt away CEH!!!
  12. Every football game should be 65 or more total points.
  13. That’s a lot of time for Mahomes in a 1 point game. 😬
  14. FF & opinions aside; I think everyone can agree that for a team that lost all 3 of their RBs in the preseason, they’ve done a remarkable job of rebuilding their backfield. how could anyone not be incredibly impressed by what they did to bring in Murray & Freeman & put trust into Williams. Bravo, Ravens.
  15. Williams didn’t see the TD. As good as he’s looked, that was bad.
  16. When the Ravens offense is clicking, they’re unstoppable.
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