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  1. Have both Russell Wilson and Justin Herbert. Wilson is, presumably a must-start. FBG is telling me that their consensus starter for this week is Herbert, despite the fact the projections are better for Wilson and Herbert is facing the Patriots and Bill Belichik who has a history of eating rooking QBs for lunch. Am I missing something?
  2. Do you trust a gadget guy that wants to believe he's a QB to get the job done for guys like Kamara, Cook and Thomas? Q: Does anyone love anything more than Sean Payton loves Taysom Hill? A: No
  3. Why does he suck? Is he still injured? Through the three games he's played he's averaging just 6 targets a game. The consensus #1WR coming into the season is getting 6 targets a game... I blame Payton's game-planning and play-calling. Tell me if I'm wrong.
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